Wednesday, February 27, 2019

open ai text generator

GPT 2 ||||||| ||||| |||| ||| || |

i'll make some nonsense sounds and see what microsoft text recognition will cum up wif:

(this is made out of matty retard noises (the ones that old girlfriends eventually had to dump me over )

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

what social media is doing to society my opinion.  Yep. My opinion. Who wants it? I mean really - who'd listen to me?

the Calvinist work ethic - a hearty resurgence of Protestant work ethic in Christchurch :

      half of all jobs are to be automated. they think im lazy.

                                    \\  :::high viz requirement : pass drug test : pass water : pass mateship test :

Hi mate, did you see the test? Put your sausages on the plate. I quit drinking. Its a sausage.

           ''''''' pass canterbury test :: "  nor-wester : "are you not from here"
      || | Sorry, Christchurch and sorry mates.

       Lolly scramble, Bob Parker, High Viz,  Work Hard and Success is due to you. | ||

Social Media is

it's been a while

Whelp, world war three is right round the corner !
And the people in the street are still muttering at me! Or am I just a boring schizo. Nevermind.
My hatred for the squares of this society is still fuming away, wasting my body away. Waste of time really, railing against the behemoth - turns out, I might just be the behemoth anyway -- I am indeed, the anti -schnitzel.
Soap, Christchurch city. No nightlife, or Is there> you tell me? I've been poor so long you can smell it on me. People seem to hate me for it. My existence itself is a vexation for the poor poor public, the poor poor normal people who just want to get on with their lives....I am such a damn threat to society, with all that WALKING around and EXISTING and such, how dare I.
I seem to  polarize folk. Most seem to buckle their faces when they see my dawdling, short-stuff form sideling up beside 'em in public, their faces sorta grizelling, their faces ageing in real-time, their poor brains folding in on itself, their nervous systems shivering and jellifying, the blood in their veins going all goey and gelatinous. The other half dont' give a toss and thats how i'd prefer it. But no, my stench of existence gets up the nose of the good righteous christian folk of the town.
Sorry for it , truly I am. I'm sorry to uh, EXPOSE myself to your minds. I'm sorry that I have to bike around town. I'm sorry you have to see me. Its because, I'm not rich you see. I , I sort of have to leave the house , and uh, you're going tro have to see me sorry. Its a bloody nuisance and im sure it makes the work-ethicists blood boil. I mean, the , the NERVE .
So yeah, fuck em all I say. I'm a nut bar and only by getting stinking rich is it going to change. All you righteous straight edge right wing fucks can suck my shrivelled up codlings.
Cause your all so fucking righteous.