Sunday, June 25, 2017

what is the sky?

When I look up at night I see, well, I see the entire basis of surrealism. I see the entire basis of religion, of uncertainty, of all metaphysics. To me space, that un-deniable and supra-logical presence represents the spirit of the rebel, the permanent questioning of human derived authority structures. It represents  a natural (dis)order which cannot and will never be tamed, never be controlled. No puny human 'system' rings true in space, no puny human could exist in space, it is a no-go zone, our muscles would waste away, our minds would turn to mush.  The absolute distance between 'bodies' in space is utterly mind-boggling, between them are inconceivably huge cloud structures, plasmas, organic and in organic molecules.
Space stands as a permanent reminder of death. Space stands as a permanent reminder  - why should we accept the systems we do? I mean, really? Why? Because thats just how it is?
Space is a permanent psychic bedfellow. Space , the sky is a truth purer than a thousand western civilizations.
And the flat earthers want to put a cap on it and say its CGI .

Saturday, June 24, 2017

robot on, robot hero

Nah. Nah. Just go home if you can't get a job, ya prick.
Nah, sick of the sight of ya anyway.
Nah, unemployed ? No centerlink available to the kiwis (but anyone and everyone else can get it)? Just go and die then really. Too hard box. We got it fine, so everyone should too, right? right? right?
Family going insane ? Kids killing themselves? Whys that? Youth unemployment at high levels? Its
because, after watching a young person grow up in this La decennie Brut , they all seem to feel utterly without hope. They know the truth. Its either be rich, which you never will be, or be an utter slave, all the way into your 70s. No wonder kids are killing themselves. We are told at a very young age to be nice to each other and care - but only to a point. Then you must stamp on anyone and everyone else tooth and nail and fight for number one. But only within the rules. What rules. Those rules get bent. They get bent daily. There truly seems to be no future.
Then go home. But im stuck here. Then go home. But im stuck here. Then go home. But Im stuck here.
Don't you dare tell me what to write. Don't you dare tell me to accentuate the positive. Okay I'll do it.
Okay, its all first world problems isnt it. we got it so damn good.

"We don't need another hero" Lets all go to work when we're sick, just to prove we're made of steel. I'm really dedicated to this place, i'm going to make myself sick to prove to you how much of a robot i am. No excuses now soldier. Soldier on with Coldral. Soldier on with flu shots (no excuse now, boy - no-one can afford to be sick these days). Yep - you can't afford to be human. I am more and more visualizing an Orwellian future. A boot on a human face. Humanity hates humanity. There are some who believe, literally, that they must control the masses, for our own good. We must be made docile, made pliable, made subservient.

Sylvia. Sybil. Stronzo. Schizophrenia. Pax Americana. Tax Americana? Offshore Hannity Haven?
Twice the garbage, twice the fun. Lilliputians, all. And that's logic. Thats cold logic. Thats cold warriors, warfighting.
Tango! Epsilon!
Erudite, rusty, not much. Not much to it,''s
all surface you see. Shallow.
So lets go blow. Rant on:
(As for the future of our society. I see nothing but a dystopia.  Am I wrong here when I say that presently, the dominant drive of all business (and therefore all society) is profit by any and all means? Are shareholders the true drivers of all economic strategy - their satisfaction with a company is king, profits are to increase perpetually, growth and profit maximization is the only real aim, goal and value in life? And so, more and more clever methods are to be concocted or discovered or lifted from young interned youth rate minds to maximize profits. Whether it is out and out pay shrinkage, the gutting, weekendiztion and  templatization of all cultural agency/expression, erosion of any and all human protections, constant fee hikes, bill hikes, fee administration fees,  fee administrators fees fees, basically humans are to be farmed in their very homes and work places, willingly submitting to the great artificial intelligence monetary extraction algorhthym. Always leave a few moderately successful ones to give the impression you can make it off your own steam, make these people celbrities.  Corrupt,pay off, control and dismember all laws and regulations, all goverment, all law admninstrators, all educators, keep all interest in politics or sociology a thing for unattractive nerds and freaks, and an interest in sport and entertainment compelling, an obsession. The only sanctioned interest. Alcoholize all weekend activity, alcoholize all life. Saturate and suffocate, bring freedom (of two choices) to all nodes and vectors. Disuade and discredit the practise of religiousity and spirituality. Especially the nihilistic eastern strains. UNLESS the theology lauds unfettered profit growth and work for works sake. Start charging for air usage, toilet use in own home. Pets should also pay rent and bills. Each breath should have a fee attached. Charge people for use of the street. All human movement is to be monetized. Sleep should be monetized somehow. If we can get people employed in the dream realm, we a creating more jobs and growth.
I may be wrong, i mean , we got it so damn good right? This is the worlds most liveable city so i should really shut up shouldn't I , Brad.  It sure appears as if we are, as city dwellers, nothing but willingly captivated farm animals for a great global human agribusiness. At times it feels like we are farm animals with one-stop-shop distractions like iphones and the permanent, insidious slather of pornography/social media to help keep us sedated, obsessed and/or updated, our ever squeezed incomes are flayed living and sucked away over time, indebted, engorged with high interest credit and ever shrinking value. All criminal enterprise is part of the profit cull. All drugs will become purer, cheaper, and completely uninterested in any barriers of social class, gender, border, marketing bracket. Even Malaysia will be drowned in coke. Militarization of space and sea. Militarization of all gonads, worldwide.
If you want to assess the cultural sophistication of a nation, load up youtube on a fresh unsigned in page and you'll get the 'trending' videos of the day. Utter mindless garbage, all of it. And youtube is such a gold-mine of knowledge. Have you ever watched Australian tv? Sensationalist parochial glitz, cum spattered brain-dead fetal alco-tainment.
I see nothing good for the future. Just harder work, longer hours, everyone forced to work until a later retirement age (90 and/or death itself) ,a more hypnotized and deadened populace, no-one with any possessions, just enough for a suitcase, the rest owned by the 0.1 percent. Nothing. I see nothing. If our current abeyance and submission to the agenda of a few mega rich psychopathic oligarchs continues, doom and damnation is the only future. And no-one seems willing or able to counter it. No groups seem able to organize and no one seems to be able to catalyse and inspire.
There is nothing out there - no future. Just servitude forever. I utterly reject this world. I utterly reject our hijacked culture. I utterly reject the values this capitalist consumer system propagates. I'm supposed to love it and perpetually happy. I'm just so damn negative , right? What I see is  a  slow, generational wealth annexation -  a global squeezing of all value and wealth from the youth/masses , to a few octogenarian sociopaths at the top. Oh but it's just the way it is, the religious and non-political retort, they cant take it with them. ...but they will make damn well sure they can take as much as possible before they die.
THX-1138 is the future. The Terminator is the future. Can we stop this? Can we ? Can I? Should I try? Is there any point? Is this the bit where the anti-christ steps in with all the answers (a human earth centipede?) Monkhood is a real urge. Renunciation of this samsara, this maya. Imagine if everyone on earth woke up one day and said, no. No, im not gonna do that today, i don't care anymore. Im gonna just stay in bed. )

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Alien Covenant review by Matt Middleton

Well well well. What to make of that. Better on the second watch. I really wanted to like this film. An mediocre sell out mess, this is the weyland-yutani-ization of creativity in the 21st century - anything with a high budget will suck, because the only good films these days are low budget and crewless and have nothing to do with fox. Terrible on the third watch. The less money you have to make a film, the better it will be. Its as simple as that. 2 out of 5. Best bits ....the head in the puddle, and seeing my beloved Southland on film.