Saturday, March 5, 2016

student loan debtor prison - now theres an idea!

Hello Bravo.  A 2 minute blast of waiting room media and I'm informed -  we are nation of baddies.  We have an appetite fo'(self)destruction and drugs.  Dunnow what program was being advertised but no doubt: it was a classic aussie mulch of cheap hyper-sensationalist news/opinion and tabloid journalism. Me no miss the tv bro. The shock and the awe of it. The grist and the gore of it. The nod and the snore of it.
It seems Australians like feeling good, albeit temporarily. Australians like unwinding  - hard. Some of us harder than others. And some - forever nameless - even go straight for the dopaminergic receptors. Its pure economics, Bridget. A nations shame. In a second blast of ultra wide-band piffle  - the morning radio news introduces some disgruntled think-tank spokesperson. See, it turns out  that the public owe lots of money in unpaid fines..i mean..we/us owe himalayan masses of debt to some centralized abstractified discombobulated'n'disembodied legal entity slash database slash digitimal algorythmy thing.  Unpaid fines man. They hurt! We must reign it all in at once, Chuck! Unpaid fines sponsor terrorism! But whats worse - they hinder those ever-so-essential profits from flowing(into Gina's futures future fund fund).
Three cheers for unpaid fines. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth, somewhere out there - somewhere - somewhere - future labour value perhaps? Your moms car? Your fridge? Your employers kids colledge fund? Your electricity connection 2021? A secret stash of gold rush era booty buried down Tullamarine way?
Lest we forget  - Myki fines. Come on guys - its simple personal responsibility!   Private/public collaboration in effect! And of course - parking fines (find yourself a park round these parts for free - i dare you)! Subcontracted debt collecting 'growth' driven agencies take care of your governmental Student Loan. Student Loans my man - the fiscal brainchild of the baby-boomer generation -- that hyper-edumicated generation of folks who wonder 'why we aren't doing as well as they did' and who famously 'pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps' after completing their (free)university degrees and buying into their first(state subsidized) homes and procuring jobz-4-life (in dat swingin' age where the terms 'casualization' and 'outsourcing' and 'downsizing' were only at larval stage). Preach to da converted. Private public. Where your debt is their profit. Where profit is THE prime directive for ever and ever amen. Future slave generation. Can this raving nonsense be truth? The great privatization purges of the 80's and 90's and Noughties didnt actually happen though did they? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? Right? So suck it up? Get real? Are my unrefined proclamations the tactless excrescences of a wannabe looney lefty? (yes) (no) (yes)
Mr Trump and his ilk rely on research NOT being done. Please, for his sake - don't look INTO him. Suggest gross underfunding of education will help you there.  
  Of course , the REAL badguys - the 'banksters' - the bottom-feeding law-bending loophole-hunting zombiefied psycho-economic micro-fee feltchers - the public literally begs these people to rip us off micro-unit by microunit. We have been so utterly brainwashed that we laud reward and deify the very people who intend to wreck our future. We worship them as saviours. So touch on. Pay for your parking space. Keep your workforce lean, desperately competitive and under the permanent threat of disposal and replacement. And dont get caught , whatever you do. I learnt that from the men at the top.
 Just don't get caught. Insider trading. It dosent happen. Glad-handle. Syrupticious. Purple drank me hanky.Sister slime-mould. Saggin, haggin' and tea-baggin'. Big ole' private priz. Youth unit. Battle meet. Step up sanguine. A course at your localvocational training campus. Dodge it. Easy pickings, Danny. Easy picking, picker packer pulled a poke of pyrineese pan pipes. Happy lodgement.Throbbing Gristle Hull humpers. GG Allin is my hero. GG Allin is a quiet, sensitive, thoughtful spokesperson of thee age. Diddy wop. Oh contradiction and contradistinction. Bellows bellows bellows. Alternative gag-reflex. And so! Time to cough up. Dead books. Second half of thee financial year. Here we are, spinning in gravitational loop-mode for-ever on a spheroid rock in the middle of absolutely nowhere. There truly is nothing up there (for a good few miles). We are literally floating in space. We are in and of SPACE. A TRILLION BILLION stars are estimated to float up there. And HERE. WE. ARE. 
And we are asked to obey manipulated, preloaded, elite-serving, filth-spattered 'LAW' here on earth. But there it is - right above us every night. SPACE. Only a few hundred kilometers up there. SPACE. Its empty. Its vast. It dosen't seem to care that much really. Its been there the whole time we have been here. It was there when the Dinosaurs humped, destroying trees and primordial shrubbery with their shreikin' reptoid sexy what's its'. SPACE was there when the sun was but a glint in thee cosmic milkmans eye. And yet, regardless of this mind-boggling reality - for some reason i find myself repeating this point - we are obligated to obey a set of narrow-cast corporate-friendly laws. The law that says - if you don't touch on with your myki you pay a fine of 230 shekels. Or, even better, pay on the spot with yr credit card(a wee incentive to keep those revenues fluid). We are obligated to accept the neoliberal agenda of permanent economic growth.....or else. We are urged, nay, compelled to consume and keep consuming forever, literally at the expense of the planet. We have been hypnotized into protecting and nuturing the needs of these entities and their psychosociopathic directors. We have accepted it all, gladly. If you do manage to formulate a solution - by Jove you're shut down quick smart, matey. Starved, mocked, hounded, psychiatrized, vilified, made a pariah of, like. It really seems to be out of humanities hands now me old mucka -  neo-liberalism is now on auto-pilot - its a vast heaving abstraction thats can't/won't be stopped. Ive been told the seas will be fish-free by 2050. But at least the Hunky Dory fish'n'chips biz round the corner is doing well right now. Short term gains, bobby. Thats Aussie fish i guess so its ok. And they wonder why young people kill themsleves in droves. We got it so good! Are these the last sputtering days of aussie excess? Maybe. maybe not. Probably not. Because the drugs keep coming. They keep comiing, regardless of the so-called 'busts'that 'put a big dent in the suppy'. So just do it. Just do it. Do 'em, the CIA told me to tell you. And make sure you weld that trans-shem-sham-syrian-jordanian oil pipeline good and tight. And make sure the Taliban aint allowed to ban opium. cause
thats MY money right there. Thats my 15th property in Cape Verde fund. Okay punk?