Wednesday, February 17, 2016

musings abusings and this weeks losings


Western tract. A positivist putsch. Giddyup. Seems I'm going up in the world, because the oiled up fastidiously groomed about-the-suburb gangsters are actually taking the time to turn around, to watch me burning up the streets grasping me plasticized goose-load of supermarket shopping  - and then to dredge
themselfs up a nicely frothing spittle-wad, transporting it deftly from gullet to street level. They have payed their respects as it were. I am worthy at long last! I am worthy of being looked upon. And spat at. For I am cunt, pure and true. Cunt I am - I am cunt. Strong, hyper-elastic, well-formed cunt. I am  smarm, scowl and prurience. I am the neurotic convulsion that is agnosticism. I am child of the universe, sliver of it, every taut shivering molecule an ancient hand-me-down - every atom defining and redefining its being within/without spacetime, a fully registered, student loaned, tagged'n'buckled citizen of an arch-conservative law shackled universe.
As I travel on public transport, I sample peoples souls. I am the spirit of the inquisition. I see people. My sleaze-mottled hazel iris' and constricted black pupils zip from soul to soul like a frenzied piece of biometric malware. I glance, the malegaze203, and receive a response in two phases - one is a standard mirroring glare, then the eyes dart away, seemingly horrified, shaken, disarmed, creeped out as-it-were. For I am plain. And I am not finely tuned. And I am ugly. And I am not a standard catergorizable 40 something. For what have I extracted spittle, oh urine retaining one? Because I do not drive along side you, sweat-caked petrol-soaked and paranoid? Because I am a walking anarchronism? A colonial? A type of nothing? An asset-free, free-associative libidinous ooze? Someone who has learnt to surf the internet? Is it because I am amenable to substrates and alkaloids? Is it because I do not take hip with my hop? Is it because I read the wrong book? Cajouled and caressed someone elses woman? Boasted and toasted the wrong loaf? Got your wife pregnant? Downloaded the entire US Department of Defense to my flash drive and lost it? Is it because my music is actually a type of temporal displacement mechanism? Is it because I put my money on IranAssadRussiaChina instead of USASaudiISISMossadBankofEngland? Is it because I listen to GG Allin on a semi-regular basis and take his ideas to heart? Is it because your wife has always loved me? Is it because I have no actual significance or power whatsoever,and will never have any ever, and you crave the blessedness of that state? Is it because I actually AM Rupert Murdoch? Is it because your dogs come to me when you whistle? Is it cause im looking forward to experiencing the ramifications of the trans pacific partner-feltch? Fun times had by all corporate holdings. (Pfizer sues me for stopping my meds, so in a back-room deal I agree to keep taking them)

Whatever it is, I sure needed it. So blow me down oh suburbanite. This world and its nuturing capitalistic money system is such a wonderful place to raise a child in. We must completely do their heads in! At first the child is taught to be nice, to cooperate, to share and help others, that christian type values or secular humanist values are sancrosanct -- - but wait!  then they are instructed to compete tooth and nail with everyone else out there, to defeat the enemy, to get ahead and to be successful no matter what. Its a double wammy cluster bomb/fuck I'd say. No wonder kids go crazy and pull the plug. Theres the golden rule and the macgolden rule. Self-interest is King.

The culture of this decade has been completely usurped by the non-culture of commerce. Commerce will now and forever adorn the garb of culture and counter culture alike. All socio-cultural decisions are feircly mediated and closely accompanied by the crushing option matrix of finance. No space is public space. No time is free time. All is monetized. All art making is soiled. All culture is dead.  Death is a big deal , it is the only deal. Its the one and only thing one can truly count on in life. And it comes for your body and mind, ready or not, it's effect instant or drawn out, whenever or wherever or in whatever condition you are in. I have had more than one friend die this year alone. It is a phenomenon that is demanding my attention and comprehension this year.
It is wise to be aware of death and dying and also to be aware of what one is leaving behind. Because, in many respects, death is release from so many mundanities - so many earthly bores, so many gnawing annoyances. One of the great banes of many a living life is of course the handling and retaining of money. I personally do not care much for money, money dosent care much for me. My guess is, that at death, you won't require any money (or maybe you do). Presumably it won't cost anything - there wont be a fee involved. Nor that nor an interest rate. Every aspect of finance drops out of consciousness like Laura Palmers' angel floating up to heaven in 'Fire Walk with Me'.. No exchange will be possible because there is no body there, no biological electricity flow there for one to buy and sell. No more bills. No more tax. No more red tape. No more bank. No more scum bag banking cartels, no more corrupt credit-skimming bottom-feeders lurking on the ocean floor. No more ocean. No more sky. No more no more - no more conception.  No ambitions in this market driven world. All 'alternative' pursuits have been incrementally moneytized and consolidated over the past 25 years - and the only counterattack available to the real 'artist' is to completely cease producing any work and to cease all performance past present and future. Its what im doing, and it turns out i'm saving money!
Generate micro-fees, interest pulsing, fine clusters, hidden clauses and backroom swaps, credit debits, handling fees, registration duty, goods and services duty, defaults, bill clogs, paper trails and part-private-private equity slather range-event dismounts, drone launches,tax gags,ocular fishing grabs, and gps/ google micro-algorhythms - both mycological and deep space. Gag-japing , bill milking, wad compressing, prick pinning, rainbow party funding drives, micro-loans, thumb locks, insurance insurance, freud-filters, fanny-packs, syringer, black lolly, poultice.