Sunday, June 10, 2018

What I'd do with me billions:part one

What I would do with my billions .

Ever wondered that? If you suddenly had a bank balance set in the multi-billions? What would you do? What could you do. For who. And why? And when? The HOW has been dealt with, this is true.
I now have 8 billion, 521 million, 700 thousand and 598 dollars.($8,521,700,598)

Would I plunge into hedonism? Blow it all? Most who know me would imagine so. But I'm actually much smarter than you think.
COme with me, enter my fiscal fantasy. Lets do this on a moment to moment basis. Its Late in the trading day, oh well.
Okay then, si today I can spend a few hundred million. That's my budget for today - i dunnow - $750 million say. Lets link up to my purchases shall we?
So, instead of inmvestments, i will be making purchases today - buying assets or instruments or uselfull items.  Being a musician. I am in desperate neeed of a replenishment of instrumentation.
I don't believe you need to spend big to get a good sound - Ive recently learnt that its about mic placement, equalization and all-round acoustics. Not gear. But it sure helps dosent it!!!!!!

So my first purchase. (budget $750,000,000)

a tenor saxophone 

cost: $6,600

The New Yanagisawa T-WO20  replaces the long standing and popular T992 series.
The Yanagisawa T-WO20 Tenor Saxophone is identical to the T-WO10, except the lacquered bronze provides a beautiful look and rich, deep, mellow tone.
With resonance and a refined sound the WO20 series has outstanding evenness of intonation over its entire range at all dynamic levels. The WO20 series has various upgrades over the WO10 series: The double arm support on the low keys ensures better pad seating and a stronger low end sound. The posts that hold the keys in place are mounted onto strong support straps that run the length of the instrument; this adds weight and support to the body and influences the carrying power of the tone. Also the WO10 a nd 20 series has an underslung neck for less resistance in the response and more reliable mechanics.
With a heritage of instrument-making in Japan that traces back to 1893, Yanagisawa is recognized today as a maker of the most carefully handcrafted family of artist-level saxophones in the world. In models ranging from sopranino to baritone, these superb instruments have won the praise of many celebrated musicians.
Inner city Parisian apartment just in case im there

cost is just under 3 million EURO

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