Thursday, June 14, 2018

what i would DO with my billions part five

You don't believe me do you. William Gibson does. So does Freddie Mercury. So does William Burroughs. And so does the ever-living force that-is Aleister Crowley. A man who wasn't afraid of making things happen and hedonizing . Who else believes I'm actually a billionaire. Why, billionaire Bill Gates does. He keeps it on the down low.
How he does it? Its called a jersey, and a shirt underneath said jersey.. It keeps you, its keeps you human.It makes you look like a christian schoolteacher - but that is the simple visual aesthetic one requires as ones' personal fortune skyrockets into the multi-billions.
Of course, the mere fact I am shameless advertising my wealth probably indicates a fraud in itself. Well, i don't care - this is a complex, decade long social experiment that i have been plotting.

Anyhow. Looks like I mentioned I was looking to buy land in Chile. I have some advice in this regard HERE. I wish to purchase land, large masses of it, in the Patagonia region of Chile. Turns out, according to the link, that this is a smart move which is flanked by dozens of locally flavoured regulations  - all of which i will follow and honor because I KNOW Chileans are great people.
Patagonian Protected Lands Update . More on Patagonia. 

VIDEO on an example of the Station I will purchase. I will need extra special permission to build a radio telescope here I'm sure. If its in a nice, discrete location...maybe tucked away in a 'nook' (correct geo-graphical term someone? Have I hired a full-time Geographical/topographer yet? To do list?) it may receive approval. We shall see. There has been much industrial disputation in the past.
ALMA array scenario in 2013.  Why can't some crazed rich bastard just raise their pay? Guess its not as simple as that ? Under my project, I will consult with locals for a good 5 years before operations begin. My cohesion-negotiation-cultural-sensitivity team (CNCS) will be housed in Patagonia on my station until such terms are agreed upon that suit all. I mean, my project will not be anywhere NEAR as out-there as the ALMA array - in fact, i may get away with purchasing a ready built small time radio telescope. Who knows. Maybe i'll drop down to J-car or radioshack and but a freaking crystal set .

I was looking at purchasing 3 buildings in BERLIN for use for exhibitions/performances/music/recordings /film /experimental theatre etc etc. Lets look into the cummings and goings here hey Penfold? Next blog!!


a 'leyden jar' battery precursor 18th-19th cnetury 

two people wasting time 

A typical Australian sentiment. Especially applies if you live on those islands to the south east.  No, not Tasmania, New Zealand. Time to take my crazy ideas home and to never block up the trains and trams of Melbourne again. I apologize for any incovenience caused by my tax-paying existence here in this fine, fine city. Goodbye Australia and Melbourne. Goodbye, beautiful people.

more important than Einstein? 

a rfid chip - a technology my holdings firm 'UIX industries' will invest in heavily 

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