Thursday, June 14, 2018

what I would do with my billions part three

My Almaty house will be THIS :
 this will require 100% refurbishment. Why on earth I want to own a house in Kazakhstan is anyones guess. But, I am buying one - because I can. It could be my base for adventures out into the great flat wilderness of the ex-Soviet state. Not being a hunter, i guess this may seem pointless but hey. Great strategic purchase me thinks - I'll be watching a few dvds and kicking back in that pad perhaps once a year. I will be looking into natural gas stock options while watching Kazakh tv also.Might also philanthropize the Kazakh/Almaty contemporary arts and music scene to repair the damage that bastard Sascha Baron Cohen did to the great country. Will frequent the local Karaoke bar and coffee houses. In fact, Almaty is holding an International Jazz Festival this month.

The house to buy outright will be 484,000 Australian dollars when converted from Kazakh 'Tenge' .

=Not bad!!

Not, a diversion - perhaps its time to purchase a hobbyist item. No, no I'm not going to set up a dungeon with electro-mechanical fucking machines, (although this is tempting), no., its time for me to pursue my Short wave listeneing hobby. So folks ---- lets go shopping !!!!!

Considering my current base is Melbourne Australia I will actually do my business in a small but well stocked HAM radio specialist place called ' Strictly Ham' . Probably my best bet in the southern hemisphere , I'd say Penfold my dear.
I just love listening to shortwave radio. The odd tones and mechanical drones just make me feel so at home - so utterly isolated and alien - which is where i really do feel at home. So, sw radio listening  creates an atmosphere where i feel taken outside the norm, the mundane, the earthly and into the wafting dance of the ionosphere. These crazed tones phase in and phase out in unpredictable patterns - aesthetically it is such pleasure.
Anyway. My shopping list.
so . I'll start with a receiver. Will need to ask my interior designer to install furniture in a suitable room in each of my apartments worldwide. I will buy a 'rig' for each site. How many properties did I say I was buying - approximately 10 i think , so each time i select an item please make that x 10.

Should I go uh Software defined radio or old school. Hmmmmmm.
I'll buy 10 of THESE for a start - these will be my software defined radios. Why not. Will need laptops to go with 'em. Hmmm. antennas - one of THESE for lower frequencies, and one of THESE for higher frequencies.

So thats my house in Almaty sorted, plus my swl hobby kits sorted for each apartment. Gosh what an utter nerd I am. I'm going to need very powerful computers to process this SDR radio. Guess the locals will all think im a friggen cop or something. Oh well, I'll have someone to pay any neighsayers off. I'll probably need to pay a weekly kickback to police, local council, local mob, army, every fucker. Oh well, if you got it, might as well spread it around and get the economy going right??

I dunnow, have i spent my first billion yet? Guess I'll need to pay off my old student loan and EVERY SINGLE other debt ive accrused in my past life of pathetic passive standard useless human wastrelnessness.
Bet your all rolling in the friggen isles at this point, who/wtf/ am i trying to impress with this codswollop? Well, again, I've said it before - its Baudrillardian. I'm adding more guff to the already over-poked over stuffed media-sphere. I cannot recall the exact paragraph or book he suggested this method of re-spew/feedback loop/datasidious dispatching could actually dislodge or overrun the world media 'system'

I love Wendy O' Williams and I love the Plasmatics . Her later metal stuff was very - 'virtuoso' but it also had a punk 'element'.

What was the punk element ::::: 'fast drumming - her scathing voice? . Easy beats to nod your head to? :::

Anyway -  in my riches - I will pay a group of actors to perform as the Plasmatics in Almaty on October the 23rd 2018, October the 25th 2018, and October 27th - if allowed by the local council. If no venue is available for my actors, I' will purchase a local warehouse space, furnish it with a PA system , technicians , and make ym replicated Plasmatic event take place in former Soviet Kazakhstan. Hopeful, this undoes some of the damage done by that illuminatiist scumbag Sascha Boran Cohen.

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