Monday, June 11, 2018

what i would do with my billions part two

Of course, administration is vital and is one of the many legal duties of a rich person, is it not. So i will select a few banks (banks listed in later blogs) to position term deposits into. I will hire the services of a phd grade accountant to look after my incomings and(more often than not) outgoings. I will have an official office block stationed in my home town, where my lawyers, doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, personal trainers, beautician, secretariat, hairdressers, PR team and a 24/7 film crew will be active. I will need many professional assistants. All will be payed handsomely.
For instance - consider the way my Parisian apartment is furninshed -  this will need to be altered. I find it a little garish. Perhaps that's Paris for you. I will require the services of an interior designer to assist me with the aesthetic i am looking for. She will also help me with my other purchases: apartments in Plovdiv, Prague, Rome, Naples, Bari, Vienna , Moscow, Sircusa, Tiran, London, Glasgow, Zurich, Munich, Berlin (x3 including venues and warehouses), Montreal, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Almaty, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Osaka, Melbourne, Auckland, Queenstown and Madurai. This will cost a significant fortune, but because I am a multi-billionaire - this should not be a problem.
I will need the finest security systems installed in each apartment. I will need my apartments to be 'smart apartments' - fully tailored by an aesthetic coder and IoT network specialist, a wireless sensor dynamicist, and a biometric ingrown toenail.
I will require professionally stock wine and whiskey cellars.
I will list each apartment i purchase in upcoming blogs.
Of course city life is one thing but what about the country? I will purchase large swathes of land to be managed by local farmers and landscaping artists. I will buy land/stations/forested areas  in :: Central Otago  NZ, the Catlins NZ, the West Coast NZ, the Blue Mountains Australia, In the Patagonian region of Chile, In Svalbard , a large ranch in Southern California.
I will purchase a fleet of vehicles both airborne and land-hogging emblazoned with my own custom made logo, complete with chauffeurs/driver/pilots. I will consult with Tesla motors on the best electric solutions for 1 of these vehicles. My chauffeurs will be selected by professional aestheticians and judged on their driving competency, beauty, intelligence, and sense of humour. I will require :
3 Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks (used for hauling my custom made PA system / lighting rigs / musical equipments to the necessary city or venue). 2 Augusta TA AW 109 SP Helicopters - chopper A in white, chopper B in black. 5 black Lada 21093 EuroSamara Baltics. 2 Teslas. 1 experimental automated vehicle for the hell of it. I , as someone who does not drive - not unlike Hitler, will be one of the first to benefit from one of these things. 

I will invest heavily in Luxembourg based space industries - especially those involved in Asteroid Mining. I will either purchase outright and staff / or have engineered a large radio telescope to place on my land in Chile. 
I will invest in a large array of scientific projects - some already underway - some custom made to test my own tripped out interests. I will LAUNCH A FLEET OF MICROSATELLITEs into earth orbit in conjunction with Space X lifters. The satellites will have custom built scientific equipment onboard to provide me with real time information on a variety of my space weather interests - ionospheric micro-changes, how plasma reacts to electromagnetic waves etc etc.
I must keep listing things because, therre more i need to spend on. More.  

I will purchase two underground laboratories. I will purchase a network of music venues and/or art galleries. I will set up an artist endowment fund for artists/musicians I like. I will look into philanthrtopic ventures, set up a team of street workers on the front lines to give cash out, clean syringes, protein pellets, bacon butties, black hat hacking text books, buttplugs, jam, moro bars.

I will ask if I can join the Trilateral commision.