Sunday, June 3, 2018

that was may - what a world

Hello reader!

May began with chuffed-up balaclava-sheathed socialists hurling objects at other objects causing fire'n'damage to cars and shop fronts. A true display of anger and frustration. Oh the millenials. Paris burned. Tear gas churned. May 1, May Day, workers rights. I recall the glorious fightin' (round the world --come on chugga!!) of the union movement every weekend as I wake up. The glorious internal refrain - 'thanks be to God that I dont have to go to work today!!!!'. I can engage in hobbies - like shopping, bargain hunting, window shopping, sitting at the cafe, meeting colleagues for lunch and gossip, shopping, house work, tidying the bedroom, attending to baby-excreta, planning my finances, accounting, soldering breadboards, chess, badminton, bacon and breaking, soylent green production scheduling.  I can sit and count the seconds go by. I can bathe that encrusted undersole. I could go to church. I could go to some other church. Then that other church. But where was god? In here matey.
May was the month that the USA packed up its Tel Aviv offices and stormed headfirst into Jerusalem. Outraged Palestinians protested, armed with bits of wood and rock. Supposedly, a little birdy told me, Hamas and the Iranian powers-that-be planned it all, so, well, we can understand the vitriolic (defensive) fire unleashed upon these jeans and t-shirts wearing teenaged Arabs . Kill em all really. Its Judea anyway. Isn't it? Is it not? Not? Not? Isn't it? Its Juda. Canaan. Judea. Ancient Israel David and Jacob told me so, so go blow anti-hero.
Schmuck my Sirloin this time because I can't see many reasons NOT to kill myself these days. I mean, unless I win lotto, or receive some sort of lump some relief package from the World Bank, what is there? Slavery. Wage slavery unto death. I can see myself literally dropping dead on the shop floor as i pump up a pellet trolley. Another change of plan from the nano-management causes a brain implosion so powerful i create an actual black hole, allowing human kind to travel through me(it) and safely into the next universe - where people do not fight and argue or compete, but make love, share, help each other, and make jokes constantly. (Youtube watching is a top job too, a high waged and easily got jobby - coNsider $200,000 a year. Of course, your choices are monitored but you get payed like $2000 a week.
What else has been going on --- whelp, Mars and Jiupiter are clearly visible in the 4:30 am sky as I walk to work. Highly charged EME particles get me pumped up and ready to do my best.
Youtube is an utter god-send to us god lovers, so its youtube that accompanies me on my 1 and a half hour jaunt through the posh suburbs of Melby.
What else? Im recording some truly high quality THRASH METAL !!!! Engineered by Karl Leeden this stuff will be released on Spotify and Youtube circa August 2018 . ALSO , I will be doing an Crude/ Aesthetics album with Karl at thee engineering helm and planning as similar release date!!!!!
It is amazing what a couple of well placed and high qwuality mics, a well tuned kit and professional software can do these days i tells ya. For now, around the time of the latest royal wedding, my lo-fi days are as numbered. Like Dodi and Diana and their little kingly sprog. (She WAS murdered. I have NO DOUBT).
Did I tell ya, I love Wendy o' Williams??

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