Sunday, June 10, 2018


Oblivion .
You know what - I am not dumping the responsibility of my 'troubles' onto 'you', the other. These journals are nothing more than diary entries. I am just not going to deny that certain political applications (neoliberal rightist consumption-is-all-there-is-and-all-you-will-ever-need-(ever)) make life extremely difficult for me (and thousands of others of mine(generation x, y and z ), a relatively young pedestrian- but im not blaming the reader. Im blaming myself , and take full responsibility for my 'actions' BUT -  I'm also blaming the Rothschilds. I'm gonna just tell you what happens to me , how I see it. How EYE see it. What I do, how i do it, why i do it, if it is wrong or right. Are my values those of 'mainstream multi-cultural Melbourne' or are they those of an Aleister Crowley?
There is enough corruption in the city of Melbourne to feel just a touch angry when not touching on properly is culturally engineered into being the crime of the century. Why not become a politician and pocket all gifts from corporate sponsors? Its money isnt it? Why not sell hot-off-the-arms-dealer nuclear weapons to the highest bidder? Its money isnt it ? If , say, Jack Dodge the nuclear weapon dealer orders a bottle of the finest champagne at lunch - why - he is a wealthy man of immense potency worthy of the greatest reverence. If I order one, they want me to buy it quick, get out quicker, and drink it somewhere else.
Oh arms manufacturing - theres a doozy. Lets line em up -Australias own Thales,  Britains BAE Systems, Raytheon, Airbus, Lockheed Martin,. Boeing, General Dynamics. Money well spent, well invested well extracted from my crippling labour activities. Tax payers money I'd say. Therse illuminatiists are the fine upstanding citizens of our planet. Milo Yiannopoulous would call me a bore and a social justice warrior. Okay Milo, keep the killing and maiming rollin on baby! So long as it dosen't get you one day. I hope not because your one good looking Libertarian I tells ya. Yes, I would go there for sure.
I am the loosening wire among late modern consumer capital. I tend to talk to myself in public now, not disimilar to the performance like ravings of a too-far-gone methamphetamine addict. But my madness makes sense. Complete sense.
Melbourne is growing too fast. It has swamped me under, the commute to work begins at 4:50 AM (meaning I have to be at the station then), I get home at 5 pm. It's all my own fault. I should've learnt how to drive, bought a car, bought a house round the corner from the factory like everyone else did.The other workers seem to have this 'inner knowledge' of  the eternal well-being of the business they're in. Its a social club for them, kids parties, flowers from the boss when you have a kid, constant formal photo opps, hard unquestioning work, anyone who dosent fit in is gossiped out of existence.
Oh well, serves me right really, how long did I think I was going to last there? I was a white motherfucker who lived day-to-day, who didnt own a car, have a kid, have a house. And like 'the crazy' crusty workers before me - off I go. Hope theyre all really happy and I hope their workload doubles.
. Melbourne population is set to double over the next 20 years - even triple. But hey! Call me a hick - I'm OUT. Im just too un-australian, too un-asian, not muslim enough, not rich enough, not bogan enough (wait....maybe i am), not italian , not greek, not english, not african, not nothing. A stupid, sucked in kiwi , lured onto this vulva like peninsula by the promise of high wages and fun.There i go again - putting all the responsibility onto the 'other'. No, you're right , you oiley insurance salesman, its all MY fault.
Do what thou whilt shall be the whole of the law. I deserve to be a thousand times richer than what I am. You wouldnt believe what I'd invest in. You wouldn't believe what I would achieve, how many people I would raise up, how muc I would advance this world. But no, nah, its not my turn isn't it.
My lifestyle as a multi-billionaire would be like so:

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