Friday, April 6, 2018

to the real estate scum

People need a roof over their heads.
There was a day, thousands of years ago, where a person did not have to pay rent on land. They, as a living being here on earth, had a right to exist, because they existed. Now, through generations of cultural engineering, you cant live just because you live. You have no inherent right to anything on this planet, really. Land and the boxes we build upon it are just a means to expand the wealth and power of those already wealthy and powerful. And thats it. If you are poor you are penalized at every turn. Got bad credit? Noone will help you live under a roof in the future.
Charge for air usage. Lets charge for existence itself - surgically install a death mechanism that you need to 'top up' to stay alive - i mean, its already kind of like this, they may as well enforce it.
Charge for, uh, anything and everything. Charge animals rent, the lazy bloody layabouts.
. Oh yeah its survival of the fittest, yeah yeah yeah thats life, that's reality, (well actually, reality is the fact that we are on a tiny planet in the middle of space. Reality is not money. Reality is death and dreams. Reality is space), law of the jungle, people have always preyed on the weak, its human nature, blah blah blah, rightist rhetoric and darwinian realism. Monetize, compound compound interest, potentiate and monetize. Keep paying the vested interests, keep them in business. Petroleum, finance, medical mafia, industrial farming, the military. Just keep it the way it is, forever, thats what they want. I mean, these people must have merit because they made it to the top right? Yeah, that the way it is, isnt it. Isn't it. Isn't it. And keep playing the game. Don't stop it. Keep playing and paying, forever. Don't question anything. Ever. Play the game and you'll be looked after.

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