Thursday, March 8, 2018

Train ettiquette?

Eyes. Its like, it feels like its illegal to even look at a person these days. I feel like my look buries itself into the backbrain of mister or mrs good citizen, and they just dont know what to do with it, like how long is it going to be before eye contact with strangers is made illegal? Do i propagate marxism through my pores? I feel like an anomaly, a thought criminal, an outsider, a nonmonetizeable proselytizer of postmodern stoicism, an un pidgeonholeable new zealand gag sandbag, a toroidal hue snuffer, a glue sniffing remnant of the 20th century beat movement,did noone tell you matty.... this is the new square age of super squares who insure their every skin cell and pay each and every bill on time , convinced now and forever to do the right thing and keep the pyramid scheme afloat. And pets, pets should be selling their labour too. How dare they just lie about, sit around and not contribute something. They need to learn, it aint no free lunch. And god is waiting for their sinful souls too.
Yeah, soon itll be illegal to even talk in public.  All sentient matter on earth should really be working. That slimemould needs to start paying rent. That flea is a bit of a bloody bludger now isnt it. Better upskill. Machine learning is the way to go there , you can enrol on udemy , mister 3 toed sloth. Yep,we are floating in space. We are born here but we arent allowed to live in a house unless were can shell out huge ever increasing market driven wads of blood spattered dollars. You just have to pay RENT. Because, well, this land costs money, dosent it. More and more and more everyday. Soon, even gina will be on the street.

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