Saturday, March 17, 2018

Thank you, Australia

Oh, Australia, the ANZAC. The Australia New Zealand Army Core. Alliance, alliance. Great festering allies. We say what we will, we spray what we will. Oh bloodletters, open ended arrangements, weapons manufacture and blasphemy. Gods law and capitalism, strange bedfellows. Thanks, for the saftey net is Tel Aviv. Silly Vows , silly cows. No safety net for the un-self-exalting archemedian fullerene, acheimg joints all prurient and jolly, pissant puff pads and garrulous foibles. Thank you for rents, for the real estate bubble, the dehuman reptilian federation of non-planets. Thank you for Ned Kelly, for the bestial genetic fob-pocket. For the yokel and the joke, the plastic and the divine punishment of government. Giggle me this oh bush ranger, a tisket and a tasket. A pusher told me to break bread with Brian, the liberal party's orgy master. Big money to me is $1000. Chicke  feed to the moneyed . I say, what real authority do these filthy few really have? They are not Jesus. Neither that nor Sun King. So sisterologist, science, new ideas, sheer force of germanic will, counter-opulence this druggery. Why not you australian ass-wipe. No, its a true divide, a real Taiwan vs China hustle. Stop , you're squirting on me, oh tendentious flabbergast, lying squirming raper raper. Oh you poor thing, raped for allah for the thousanth time. It is these feltching fuggers that tell ME What to do, how to eat , where to shit. That is the new world of shopping , my lineage breacher. Flap oh break.  Ringer, bringer, safety net zinger, we cringe oer your very substance. Her majesty shares my fate. Mu woman. Mu dutch. Mu Orange. Mu Pious. Mu Ion. Iom drive, propulsion. Mu manipulator, real telling like. No more, for cryptology is certain. The answer is yes, oh little one. Fag up your box-settings. For this is the '20$,'. The last human decade. What would  you know of me, heil . ...? Mu calculus.

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