Saturday, December 9, 2017

Why propagate?

Brought into the world without his or her permission , another child for the entertaiment industry to ensnare, the agribusiness industry to experiment upon, the banks to farm , to feed on, to hook up to fiscal dialysis,
for education-for-profit groups to delude and twist , for clothing and fashion industries to objectivize, delude, anorexicize and shame, for religions to replace the purity of youth with fear and guilt and patriarchy, for big pharma to over-prescribe and medicalize the normal behaviour of youth, for an economy obsessed culture to strip all social interaction and activity down to commodification and package, a world where the only value in a thing is its marketability or profit making ability, where you learn that you cannot just have that packet of bisicuits on the shelf at the supermarket without payment, where you are not rewarded for asking tough questions , where digging deep is discouraged, where passive consumption is the way and creativity is increasingly deemed of value only insofar as it serves the interests of profiteers and corporate entities, where a roof over your head isnt a right but a priveledge for those who sell their labour to profiteers or those born rich.
Where your goverment is just a corrupt network of self serving pigs. Where cooperation eventually takes back seat to the neoliberal virtue of competition, self interest, and aquisitiveness and control of others, abuse of animals and plants and all natural environments. You are rewarded only if you dominate.
The magic of youth is eventually snuffed out in those who see the system for what it really is. Those who do not see it narcoticize themselves with low brow culture, sport, celbrity gossip, fast food, aquisitions and hoarding and servile obeisance to the media.

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