Saturday, December 23, 2017

waffle .

the troof bout unployment

big data 

james clerk maxwell - metaphysical phenomenon

artificial intelligence - a modern approach

introduction to algo trading 

bung! bing! bang!
Lick it good, Schweizer, because algo trading and quantum cryptography and a good old coplanar waveguide with a split ring system is gonna up my square kilometer array. So, model on. And how do I overclock this here AMD?. Because it need it good. So, as a dead-on waffler, I am thinking on't.
What on earth is going on? I mean, grown human males, men with mothers, driving their cars and trucks into innocent civilians? At random?. Indiscriminately mowing down children? Oh! Its worse than terrorism! Its the sort of thing mentally ill drug addicts do! Every day!!!!
Oh dear.
Bark! Lark! Hark!
Hack on, hackster. I don't know, Iran. I don't know you, never did. And , oh yeah, of course, I don't want to either, tomato saucer.
So it's quasi-schizoid magical language time. Fapping on a soap box was our man, absolutely assured of a place in heaven, a pious slave of the lord, doing what the pious do. No, I'm wrong.
Enough negativity for one decade huh? Why must I constantly fixate on the bad stuff? Oh what a come down for y'all. I mean, thing is, I'm truly sorry, but, bad stuff keeps happening. It doesn't want to stop. It's extremely difficult to filter out. It's truly difficult to appear positive in a world like this. Maybe I should just block it all out, aggressively, like the white lighter positive-only purists. They just don't let it in, they divert it, cast it off with crystals, deny it. I find being around the purists difficult. I can literally feel what they are denying. I feel like i become what they are denying. Daoist thought suggests a balancing of dark and light for a clearer picture of reality.
If you are going to be mentally ill, please make sure you are rich, because only the very well-off can actually afford to be treated. Marvin Minsky. Vacuum networks. Babbage. Tachyon.

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