Saturday, November 4, 2017

kiwi kiwi

Sloganeering , howling at the moon, drunk on a saturday night down Fitzroy way, deconstructing spacetime and hip, hip schlong, twice removed, twice born, a twitching bandwagon, malice and malintent inverted . Paramahamsa Nityananda. Glossy neon and a shard of glass. Twenty blocks of
misinformation and meekness, propagation of a mindless mind, walking a razors edge , just subtle enough to avoid violence, just sharp enough to get under someones skin.
That was my lot last night, a New Zealand citizen in Melbourne.
Oh yeeeeaaaahhh. Kiwi in Australia. OzKiwi. Like, like the Irish in England.. Like, like the Mexicans in the USA. Like, like the Romanians in England. Lets whip out some grossly subjective sweeping generalizations that are most probably totally wrong. I mean, why not? Don't want to know what I think? Then don't read this. This is my stupid blog. 
Australia's government and politicians HATE us with a passion.  They don't want our children getting educated here in Australia, they only want the rich kiwis to come here (if they must). They only want us to work ourselves to death and pay them copious amounts of income tax, they manage to keep our super to themselves through various regulations and law tweaks, they reap rich rewards from gst on booze and smokes(which is all us kiwis live on), if we get locked up we get deported on release, even if we have children here. They HATE us kiwis, because, well, i don't really know why. They just think we all want to come here, and breed. The don't want Maoris and Polynesians here, basically. They hate us with a special passion, a special type of hatred.
We are the lowest of the low here. And so, I will give that back, i will give them - the lowest of the low. Low brow toxins. Low brow thought.Low brow tram banter.
I'll eat your cheese. I'll beat your meats. I'll sweep your feet. I'll shine your shoes. I'll play you the blues. I'll leave you the odd clue, but its not like you got the time to investigate this mess. I know that noone cares. And thats how I like it, I'm nothing. I am an absolute bastion of meaninglessness. Those who know me know me not. Power brokers of the ASX are losing money on this one. Get innovative, get Musked. Think off-world. Forget investing for short term gain. Stop it. Build a dynasty of clues. Leave the future pointers to the truth . Someone, somewhere, someTIME will figure it out. Why be normal, why make sense? Where did sense get anyone?

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