Saturday, October 14, 2017

musings , choosings, losings

I take the bus alot. Most days. I don't drive, I don't know how. I probably should learn. But, you know, does the world need another car on the road? Its just not one of my life priorities. Call me a hippy, it dosen't bother me. Well, maybe it does. Public transport is viewed disdainfully by the wealthy. It is like public health, or communism or something. The peasants use it. You have to sit alongside them. Most vulgar. Repulsive even.
Mentally ill people ride on them. Crazies. People who are 'out of it'. Large people, small people. Black people, white people. High viz people.
The micro-social exchanges on-board buses are fascinating. Especially the dance that fare evaders perform, a sort of shrinking, mock-guilt inspired shuffle. Touch on just long enough to give the impression of touching on.Some are blatant. Others know its wrong, but do it anyway. Intimidating street people do it, young people seem to do it the most - Do the bus drivers even care? Should they care? I mean, it's not their job to police the customers is it? Some drivers speak openly against fare evasion. Some let it get under their collar, it must do their head in because, well, hundreds of people actually do it. Its easier to do on train - they are less personal affairs - but buses are different - theres an exchange between bus driver and individual customer as you board. Its like a contract. Myki is a private company. In the past there have been highly psychological anti-fare evasion pushes. It will be 'rubbed out'. A fare-evader is an error, an anomaly, a sort of knowing thief, a petrol siphoner, a petty criminal , an arrogant know-it-all, a type of spoilt brat, a type of mocker of the system.
Who hasnt done it. Once or twice.
To think - and this is what I've said before. Its okay for corporate ceos to plunder whole economies , its okay for corrupt politicians to engorge themselves on the offerings of lobbyists, its okay for rediculously high interest rates to be charged on debt, its okay for whole generations to be laden with the results of the baby boomers insatiable need to spew carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, its okay for religious groups to grow fat on the proceeds of predatory tithing and enjoy their tax free status, it's okay for judges and cardinals to continue to enjoy luxury as they abuse - but if you don't touch on:

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