Saturday, September 30, 2017

real estate agents, pimps, and diplomats

A tangerine dream sequence, a property developers vertical point-of-view.
Up we go, and onto the street with these cretinous carbon blobs.
Suckled, a prison, pulp as protein, giving and forming cancers for fun.
Let the New Zealanders form support networks for each other.
Let us look after each other. For the Australian government treats us not unlike the Israeli government treats the Palestinians.
Envious of the new zeaanders are the Australians. For, we have the edge, the edge they have not.
All other communities are looked after. No job? No problem - go to centrelink. But kiwis, they are but scum of this earth. We don't want these brown marijuana people here, do we, oh Aryan brother,
Let the new zealanders be ground into powder , let them die enmasse, let the New Zealander in Australia fail, and fail publically.

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