Sunday, June 25, 2017

what is the sky?

When I look up at night I see, well, I see the entire basis of surrealism. I see the entire basis of religion, of uncertainty, of all metaphysics. To me space, that un-deniable and supra-logical presence represents the spirit of the rebel, the permanent questioning of human derived authority structures. It represents  a natural (dis)order which cannot and will never be tamed, never be controlled. No puny human 'system' rings true in space, no puny human could exist in space, it is a no-go zone, our muscles would waste away, our minds would turn to mush.  The absolute distance between 'bodies' in space is utterly mind-boggling, between them are inconceivably huge cloud structures, plasmas, organic and in organic molecules.
Space stands as a permanent reminder of death. Space stands as a permanent reminder  - why should we accept the systems we do? I mean, really? Why? Because thats just how it is?
Space is a permanent psychic bedfellow. Space , the sky is a truth purer than a thousand western civilizations.
And the flat earthers want to put a cap on it and say its CGI .

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