Friday, May 26, 2017

debtor debtor

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....Some strands of thought banging around over the last while.  Behold! Earth and its society is bent beyond all recognition. The world system, in my opinion, is foul, degraded, malignant, wasteful, irreversibly gore spattered and corrupt. it really?  Is life on Earth simply 'what you make it'?  Is radical subjectivity a real option?  Is there a template underneath it all or are we merely a set of impermanent but ever shifting conditions lurching from one state to the next?  Should one just ignore the unnecessary suffering, blatant unfairness and permanent terror out there and get on with a relatively lucky existence in a relatively lucky country or should one attempt to 'tell it like it is?' Some see the latter stance as 'negative'.  Perhaps those a little more realist see it as 'cynicism' or 'critique'.  Some see dosing up on brutal truth as yesterdays news, as preaching to the converted, we already know the story, big deal, tell me something I don't already know.  In some societys this blog would have its operators in deep shit. In ours, it's more inconsequential noise amongst millions of equally opinionated blogs flooding cyberspace. So dang it. I'll keep the clutter up. It exists on and on and just refuses to be monetized.  This gen X ego is an extremely gunky filter. Anything written here is subjective to the core - blanket statements, sweeping, bow shocked, arching, cosmological generalisations, intoxicated frippery, repetitive motifs, long winded sentences stoked with punctuation (was gen x the last generation to master punctuation??), gleeful in its wrongfulness, fully aware of the ramifications of data entombment on the internet,  this is La Decennie Brut.

Of late I have read 'The debt resistors manual', which is available for free at

Debt. What is it? Whose is it? Why is it sold? Why is it traded? Where does the money come from anyway? Who profits from debt? Is the debt-recovery industry making a profit these days? Is debt-recovery a profit centered industry too? Who lobbies government on their behalf? What is the end point for growth? What good do debt collection agencies do in this world? What is credit? What is money? When we go to sleep at night, why aren't we trotting off to our 'dream jobs' and paying 'dream bills'? Isn't it time we started monetizing sleep?  .....And what about our pets? Its time they started pulling their weight too - why do they  continue to get a free ride? They need jobs and they need to start paying rent. Insects should pay rent and bills, no excuses.
 Why are debtors the new lepers? Why is debt pushed so vehemently onto individuals, organizations and entire economies? Why do we sit back and let the memetic engineers of our age get away with the blatant psycho-social manipulation they do? Do people not see it happening? Is it another case of the slow-boiled frog? I guess we've all just rolled over and died and thanked our rapists for ending it all. Or I have at least. Or have I? I guess we're all too busy working to see it.
To take on a debt you are putting your psycho-socio-aeconomico credibility on the line, big time. To fail to repay a debt is tantamount to a global moral failure.
To fail to be able to repay a debt, whether big or small, has been carefully tailored over the centuries to indicate that you are truly the lowest of the low, you are a weakling, a sort of child, a spineless and impulsive node of irresponsibility. "A Lannister always repays his debts." They can murder and rape all they like.
To be a defaulter is to be a hopeless case,  a loser, a mousey, snivveling wreck, a sub-human. To default is to die. Whole countries are agressively pushed into austerity economics by the world bank and friends, but somehow the concept, the meme, of indebtedness has been miraculously transformed into an issue of atomistic, individual failing, of a poorly judged personal choice, of a moral, intimate, behavioural flaw.
And yet, we all know someone in the red, don't we. In fact, is there anyone out there NOT in debt? I mean, you've got good debts and bad debts. Good debts aren't even conceived of as debts. Theyre more like bills or benign, deserving transactions, a light at the end of each contractural tunnel. Those car repayments, those mortgage payments - anyone with them has been judged as reliable candidates anyway. Credit card debt, the most common form of debt, again, thats debt you've earned. Student Loan debt comes with some baggage though - true pragmatists shouldn't really even go to university anyway. To have a student loan debt means you think you are better than everyone else. And by god you better be paying it back. In an anti-intellectual age such as this one, you can bet your bottom dollar your colleague down the factory will be paying (or not) off a student loan. Probably a masters. Or phd. Fat load of good that done her right? Come on kids, get real. Get a job.
Don't, for god's sake, get one of those student loans.  Perhaps this is all part of the vast global conspiracy - to discourage university enrollment, make getting educated beyond a certain level appear foolish, unwise, costly and a lifelong liability. What better way to get 'em all into the unskilled slave market.
When the majority of folk all have bad credit - how will the banks keep up their lending? Probably by copying the practices of predatory lenders. Bigger the risk, higher the repayment interest.
So , the masses work on, keeping the world humming along, making themselves usefull. Tighter and tighter we are squeezed, more and more fees and fines are heaped upon us, the ceos gotta get those bonuses somehow, don't they.  Profit is the number one driver for the world economy and it must be accelerated and maximized at all costs. Any and all people are expendable. This growth maximization must occur into the future regardless of all and any physical limitation. In the case of physical depletion or extinction of a commodity, non-physical options must be identified, monetized, marketed, made desirable, rolled-out and made profitable post-haste. Monetize education at all levels, monetize the results of longer working hours, monetize public spaces inside and outside, increase all real estate values until bursting point, identify all and any community based govt departments local and federal, analyse potential savings and sever. Monetize all human emotions, all hormonal imbalances, all lifestyles. Demonize any and all counter cultural advocates, especially the antivaccination types.  Increase profit by increasing any and all necessary health products/interventions. Make being a human and existing basically impossible. (How on earth did they do it back before money i have no idea).

What are some great industries making lots of money these days, Molly? The gambling industry is doing real well. Weapons manufacture, military catering. (burgers!) The global pornography business. Match fixing. Monsanto continue to redefine evil with each extortionistic technological breathrough. Coal and Oil is ever profitable. Drugs of course, because the drug trade is protected, backed up, armed, trained, lawyered up and
maintained with endless faux wars and interventiins that keep the supply protected and fluid  - of course drugs are bad mkay and even though all the cool kids do it and its in your face its a personal choice at the end of the day. The global tobacco industry is profitable. Therefore they are good people because they have money. Banking, enriched by you and me and bottom trawling fee algorhythms, is making a killer profit these days. Apple computer is doing so well. And Google too. Google is a dang behemoth. Viva google. what else is pumping? Ivory? Debt consolidation? Debt retrieval? Private security? Any company with a sweat shop or three? Smart phones. Yoghurt. Dow Chemicals. Synthetic Genomics is tipped to be a long term earn.  Water, Water filtration systems. Sewerage pumps. Pneumatics.

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