Wednesday, May 10, 2017

new zealander applies for centerlink / australian applies for WINZ

Take our tax, code 33 us in every other way. Thats the ANZAC spirit ! Here I am loitering in your wonderful country, propping up at least one of your sterling unemployed 1st class Australian citizens, but if I lose my job, I guess I better start selling drugs of addiction to your children because theres no option for me now is there. The  pavement outside Flinders is looking extra cozy this winter what with the increasing population of warm blooded mammals congregating there! We'll find our cardboard, pen our story, find a spot t' squat upon and see if we can get our tax back in a paper cup! Of course, an Australian can go to NZ and get dole, or sickness benefit. As much as needed, whenever its needed.  Why don't our politicians emulate the Australian policy? Why should Australians residing in New Zealand be granted this dole? Perhaps because it is ethical to do so? It offsets the cost of looking after homeless Australians who are savaged by hypothermia while sleeping rough down Dunedin way.. Goodo. I tell ya, If I was a cabinet politician in NZ  i would go out of my way to make sure no Australian in New Zealand received any governmental assistance whatsoever. This would make sense, an eye for an eye etc. But no,  it seems our politicians are taking the moral high ground on this one. They're turning the other cheek as it were.

Here in the lucky country , welfare is pretty much there for anyone... except the kiwi. 
Kiwi go home. Kiwi kill yourself. Kiwi kill Aussie. Kiwi make me laugh.
Kiwi likes the sex. Kiwi go to jail. Kiwi in the woods. Kiwi in the closet. Kiwi makes the grade. Kiwi go home. Kiwi thinks too much.
"They'll all come over if we change the law. We don't want you here, frankly".  

Actually bud, we don't want you in New Zealand either,  unless you've 'got jobs to come back to'.

I swear you're wrong. You want me here alright. You need me. You literally need me. Without us there wouldn't be any edgy art or music going on.. Its true isn't it though, Ross, just admit it -  millenial Australian art is just so damn tame because, well, they just got it too damn good! "Oh, this piece is a sort of abstract expressionist work about my break up with my girlfriend. I had to go to the holiday house for a while to recover and paint. Luckily, I was granted the centrelink sickness benefit for a while. But that afforded me the time to really work through the seperation trauma"
I wrote this tune when i was in Bali, its about Bali. And dinners. And kosher food.

Don't lose that job r if you do, have one waiting for you. Kiwi. Kiwi hard case mate.