Saturday, April 1, 2017

the moneyed ; the monetized

....Who are these people? Do they actually exist? These 'players of the game'..these rational, future ready, job ready, saving and planning types? Are they really really real? Are they planning and purchasing insurance even as they dream? While they're in REM sleep? Who are these people, these healthy, fresh, straight-edged money magicians, playing that game o' capital - saving a good chunk of their income each fortnight, paying each bill on time with assurity and verve, maintaining a triple A credit rating, paying off their mortgage fastidiously, whipping up enough to purchase a second property, an investment piece or three, forward thinking and pragmatic. Positivist and Kuhnian. Randian.
...............Insured, registered, liscensed, permitted, green-lighted, squeaky clean, fineless, debtless, protected, reified, prudent, austere, moderate in every way, no compulsions, fully adapted into adulthood, successfully brought into the world by two upstanding parents - one male, one female, nurtured and raised by the same two parents and thus able to leave the nest free of all complex undigestable emotions and neurosis? Who are they? Are they under 40? Less likely. Oh the baby boomers had it so good - they have to make sure their beautiful ageing and artificially perpetuated selves are satiated and money-logged until their ultimate demise, hogging it all, lording it about, hyper-neo-liberalizing every aspect of society for their heirs. I believe deep down they actually hate their kids. They don't give a damn about anything but themselves. And they don't care. The hippies at Woodstock became the most selfish and solipsistic breed of capitalist hogs in history, thanking us all by extending their children and grandchildrens work life into their 80s, no, no, you must work yourself to death, son - we didnt have to but in order to keep Australia economically viable going forward we need to cut all welfare, casualize the entire labour market, automate and robotisize all production, get the machines maintaining the machines, euthenase all homeless and mentally ill, privatize all public space, monetize all space and time, dismantle manufacturing in this country 100%, criminalize all unions, discourage all intellectual and cultural foment by gentrifying all warehouses and cheap neighbourhoods, securitize and hyper-monetize all cultural meeting space. Make households unviable on one income. Drive up all rent, but criminalize homelessness. Send all babies off to creche. Mummy and Daddy do nothing but work work work.
We should monetize our dreams. How can we somehow make money while we dream? Could we monetize our toilet time? How about air, lets charge each person for the air they breath. 10 cents a breath? More? Monetize the atmosphere. Patent all genes. Patent neurons. Patent words. Criminalize languages. Ban loitering and all human gatherings. Atomize all culture and discourage any groups of more than two from organizing or planning anything beyond the weeks grocery list.  Individuate, individualize and promote solipsism.

Who are they, are there any people under 40 who are NOT in debt? Are there people out there unshackled , young, ebullient, exalted, entreprenurial? I'm not so certain any more. You see the odd one walking around town I guess. Confident, all smiles, motivated, backed up by strong networks, healthy, bouyant, efficient. Is it just a act? Is every young person out there actually screwed? Underneath the enjoyment in the moment one gleans from a coffee and chat - is every 20 something drowning in debt, subconsciously in a maelstrom of uncertainty and nihilism, looking forward to nothing but a type of economic slavery? No ability to buy a house, no ability to pay off the debt for 20 years, can't afford to have kids, cant afford to travel, basically screwed?  Will our kids be the next Victorians? Is feudalism the future? Where is all the money? who actually has it? Can I have some?

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