Saturday, April 29, 2017


How much skimming really goes on out there, Brian? Think of it. what is a bank fee exactly. A mathematically generated figure, rendered pure by a water-tight corporate ethics policy, or is it an
arbitrary extraction, 5 easily forgotten cents here, 1 dollar there, the mass collection of the fiscal refuse of  20 million overdrawn accounts, bits and pieces you wouldnt even care about but really do seem to add up. And the banks go on and on with this practise, smug as a turd withholding infant in the knowledge that their top lawyers will destroy (utterly) any of the little people who question them about it. The winners of the game are simply those who know where the loopholes lurk, how to take advantage of them, how to compound interest, how to exponentialize digital figures, how to sell their system to a nicely tenderized public.
Being rich is sold as a state one must strive for and acheive no matter what. Being rich is sold as the answer to all lifes problems. It is sold as something anyone should be able to acheive. And yet, it is an obsessively guarded and extremely vetted club. It is not for the likes of us. It is a special club, a club where i wager 99% of its members were born that way. The entrepreneurs and the self made men are freaks of nature, the rare cases yet their stories are sold as your potential story. Find a need and fill it. Or is it create a needless desire and market it as an absolute must have. Its all about timing. Its all about ideas. Be an entrepreneur now! Start up your tech idea and tomorrow you are a billionaire. Ningy. Wiffy. Tad. Pip. Ving. Zaffer. Noid. C++ derivative pricing.
They are running out of ideas. Thats why we have polytechs et al, the best students have their ideas lifted by the companies. Thats what theyre there for. Polytechs and Universities are the ideas labs for the concept deprived corporate world.
The best and the brightest of our generation have nothing but servitutde and financial decrepitude to look forward to, unless their family is rich and arent self made right wing prolesytisers who want to teach you a lesson by withholding 'help'. Many parents of the boomer generation just cant understand why their kids are struggling. It must be a sort of 'degeneration of will' that occurs, it must be some sort of inherent laziness or inability to think pragmantically. Or is it the result of a systemic gutting and privatization of any and all socio-cultural channels, so that profit is the absolute imperative and perpetual indebtedness is the default mode of all existence.
Why do i bother ranting? It is because I am powerless and must somehow recoup some sort of dignity. No-one may be reading this, that is true. The reader no doubt finds this socialist blurble hackneyed and done-to-death, eyes rolling, frowns darkening. Or maybe not. This line needs to be repeated forever.
Learn C++ and become a financial engineer. Do it yesterday, or eviction is your lot, loser boy.
I suggest all student loan defaulters start a commune in rural Victoria. My god, you can grow your own food????? You can keep warm with fire? Is neo-primitivism my future? It could very well be, the way things are going. Survivalism and swiss army knives. Hunting and collecting. If Ving dosent take off it's time to camp out, its time for the occupy movement to start again. It could just be time to start a massive collective drop out survivalist alternative to the wonder that is shoe shopping.

Its happening already. Notice how Melbournes homeless population is getting younger and younger each year. Some appear as runaways, I bet a good proportion are New Zealand citizens. They should just go home, eh. Oh, but they cant afford the ticket. Oh, okay. Oh well, they should just get a job. Yeah. Just get a job. Round them all up. Off to Nauru for you. Learn C++ derivative engineering man. That scene in American Psycho when Patrick Bateman kills the homeless person . He first asks him why he hasnt got a job. Then he kills him. Pure unabated rightist elite dog eat dog fury. A child is taught to be polite first, then they are taught you must compete and step over anyone and everyone to get ahead. I say I reject that world. Off to a hermitage for me. I am good. I am a good human being. I reject your competitive blood sport financial regime. I reject shoe shopping. I reject greed. I reject
your values. I reject this world. I reject the dominant paradigm. I reject the established , grey, stinking, corrupt, cancerous, abusive, sociopathic evil that is the central banking system. I reject the US dollar and will not use it in my financial reporting anymore. I reject conservativism.

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