Friday, March 10, 2017


You get to the point where you start asking yourself - am I scum?
How many times is a person allowed to 'lose it' before they are no longer tolerated?
Are people roiled around like puppets, slave to unconcious desires?
From where do challenges to ones equilibrium arise?  From afar, outside oneself, or are the people who anger you merely triggering a crisis within ones own mind?
Do we unknowingly project our hate onto others day to day? Do we project our fears, anxieties and personal failings onto other people?
Is life a perpetual game of wits where you are fated to encounter person after person who twist your mind, test your psychological limits, who taunt, test and torture?
When one 'loses it' are you acting badly or well? Does a nervous breakdown allow someone to offload responsibility? Who is the ultimate arbiter in 2017?
Why do we allow ourselves to be walked over? What function does passivity serve in the end ?  Why do i 'lose it' instead of asserting myself? Who has the energy in this world to compete with a colleague? Is that the meaning of our life here on this planet? Getting ahead of your co-worker?
Why do people take advantage of those of a generous and open nature? Am I just an easy mark, a pushover, a simpleton, or am I vile?
Why do people break, why do people, mostly rational and reasonable, sometimes explode? What is performance anxiety and how is it transmitted from boss to underling to underling? In the form of
short, curt language? By way of ultimatums? In the form of nit picking and micro-control? With tantrums and swear words?
What is control? Who has it, who lacks it?  Are controllers proud of their ability to control spaces and other people or does it secretly strangle them? When is a space or situation out of control?
Where is the ultimate controller in any given reference frame? How much control is necessary at any given point in time? Can control be quantified? Can it be monetized?
Are there universal rules ? What is normal behaviour? Who owns whom? What is work/life balance?
What is bad management ? Are your workers human and how can we mitigate the costs of this inherent liability? What is information management? Who needs to know? What is the end game? The worker should be lead by the nose and only know what its doing for the next micro-job. Keep them confused, squabbling over scarce resources and most importantly - isolate any union members so as to counter their ability to disseminate propaganda. Hire plentiful temps to isolate and disenfranchise any loitering 'legacy' staff. Create a duopoly in the workplace - the fast and flexible labour hire crew vs the stodgy and demanding unionized crew.
Never assert command presence. Never assert anything.

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