Friday, February 10, 2017

hating on't

.........Another executive order from the anti-president, Matty M. Bulletinize me up an easy to read report in 30 days. Stregthen this and bolster that. Protect this and Dismantle that. So says I, the nought. The Cruder. The fool. That kiwi who moved to Australia and got a job. For life. May my super fund , bank account, myki fines, library fines, toll debt, water bill and
union dues  line other more economically astute, 'competitive'and Randian/Nashian type
peoples pockets for millenia to come. Skim off what you can westpac.
While you're there Mr Anzac, keep that income tax rolling in, because some politician needs to take his new girlfriend to a conference.  No, it's true, some politician needs to take his new girlfriend to a conference.

......I read a blog this morning that moved me somewhat. 'Twas the pre-suicide writings of a truly deep thinker - a measured, revolutionary, sensitive and forthright teenager by the name of Jake Bilardi.
Of course he was painted as a fool in the media, a victim. But in his writing I reckoned upon a highly intelligent Australian performing only what he deemed to be the right thing to do in the circumstances. Death had been waiting for him since puberty.  He was a willing weapon. He had studied the primary and secondary sources and thought it all through very, very deeply.
As Trump would probably intone...I see it time and time again. 
I'll hazard a proclamation. No authority am I of course, but we are here in fantasy land so..
Gifted children get left behind in this society, there are no champions for these people, no motivators, no nurturers, no mentors. Gifted kids and their antithesis, the slow learners, are seemingly un-wanted and just too damn difficult to deal with, frankly. In my opinion -gifted children are bright stars, they must be harnessed. They must be rescued . A waveguide must be coupled to their shf transmitter.
. They must be encouraged to lead us. It appears as though Bilardi was ignored.

 So he was Islamisized. So what? He could have been Trotskyized. He could just as well have been Nazified. He may have become a heroin addict. He could've been Scientologized.
 Or worse still - he could have been psychoanalysed and transformed into a well adjusted young work unit /labour cost for this our aeternal
world economy'. Ahh yes ....The economy - the only thing in life worth living for, right?
 The economy - the true meaning of the universe. The economy - I sacrifice myself unto thee for the good of Who exactly? My self-interest? My 'name' ? My
'credit rating' ? The GDP figure? The state of the nation? 0.000001% of Rothschilds left frontal lobe (that which owns 60,000% of the worlds value)? Him? That guy? That company?
Can anyone blame this kid for capitulating to a unit that he and they themselves believe to be the
 purist manifestation of piety on the globe at the time? What was the best he could get at home exactly? A mortgage? A miserable job? Debt? Pornographized throw-away culture? Sport? Gym membership? A beach to visit? Bullying for being a geek? A chance to join the footy team? A nice girl?
Of course as a reasonably non-violent person,
 I do not in any way agree with what he actually did. And no, oh christian traditionalist conservative, I'm not another leftist romanticizing the Islamist cause.   I wouldn't hurt a fly if I could get away with it. Attacking random civilians is low. Hurting people is not right in my book. Just don't hurt people. Could people just stop hurting each other? I guess theres just too much unfinished business out there for it to stop - too many ancient scores to be settled, to many eyes to be eyed. Again , I'll say it - oh I don't fucking know. I don't. Really. Can anyone be blamed for wanting to renounce the world? I mean - really?
 All I am saying is that I, after reading his blog, in a small way, I can sort of...just kind of see what drove him to do it. Strike that Lilliput - ach, i have no idea and never will. This world is a maelstrom of confusion and misrepresentation. Fie on't.

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