Saturday, December 10, 2016

moral standing/ real credit/ value and worth

Dear World,

      Oh world, thou art turned inward on thyself. Oh world, thou art self aware and self monitoring, thou art an archive of socio-biology turned meta-data, a hall of mirrors, a global-narcisssist.
Oh science, continue forward, and resist ye militarization - for the US DoD want full spectrum dominance. They currently want unfettered access to and control of all and/or any new emerging technologies . As we are on the cusp of a paradigm shift analogous to the discovery of the wheel or transistors, I, a nobody of know consequence, suggest individual countries protect, cryptographize, nurture and fund their research activities to the hilt. For science knows no bounds.
Progress in science and technology will define geo-political boundaries into the future. So says Matty, the clown about town.
Oh life, surely there is more to you than economic activity. You'd think not these days. The Divide
Oh life, surely there is more to you than wage slavery and debt. You'd think not these days. The debt resistors operations manual is worth a load-down. He picks up a pen, draws a large circle and presents me with a set of purple cards.
What is a credit rating exactly. Why don't they teach this at school from day one? Meet your new friends and the first thing you learn - sorry kids - but - yeah - you can be anything you want to be. Just as long as it is not arts related. Pay your bills religiously and on time without fail. Garner thee a triple A rating and maintain this through life without fail. Do not question why the system is as it is because you will be marginalized and rendered insane. Do not question or probe the money system, the hierarchies of control, the corrupt networks who get away with murder, the loan sharks, the bottom feeders. Learn how to manipulate numbers and compund interest. Become a predatory lender and screw over the poor. Learn how to feltch cash and which way you can. Then and only then do you have moral standing in this world.

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