Saturday, December 3, 2016

hey vlad

Hey world, go fuh yourself!
Whats the plan, world? Eh? Permanent corporate consolidation so that one-billionth of Rothchilds left-frontal lobe owns a billion percent of the worlds wealth? Oh probably, Herman. Permanent aeconomic growth forever? Yeah yeah....thats it, I've knocked that one out before a trillion times but it needs to be said - lets take it to its absolute end game - the ultimate Keynsian/Nashian outcome! watch the great  'Incorporated' and 'Hypernormalization' for a looksy Bob! Lets brown-out the middle classes forever amen! Lets white wash and pillage and remain tea bagging kick-backing cockle-gagging Cynics. For that is how it is and how it will be forever. World without end. Go Osiris's sister,  those ultra left state creators, the planners and multi-wived gang-bangers. They've got Melbourne in the cross hairs now, apparently, so we better fuggin watch our hairy wonk-stained backs.  A slick perfumed bearded guy in a black toyota toorak wagon might smite me with his bad vibes. Time for our collective heads to be removed from our collective necks methinks, Ralph. Ah, thats the fun we call early 21st century, the blowback from late eightees CIA statecraft.  President Trump is going to be manipulated by more intelligent  beings. Whats Trumps take on the ufo question? Does he have advisors? I do, I have many advisors. Daggy the grey, Larry the tall white and Henry the insectoid. They tell me where to eat, where to shit. They tell me to get down and suck it. It. Their alien probiscus, a barbed undulating pulsing woman-man. GG Burroughs. A profession. Not much money involved in this blogging business Rodge so I best diversify my portfolio.
Especially superconducting. Gnarley multi-band chassy you got their Simon. The present quantum : how bout those Fermi Bubbles?

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