Sunday, October 2, 2016

matty was in italy

The cruder went to Italia. I tried to learn conversational Italian for about a year previous to the trip and failed to pull anything off in practise. Italian language is used differently depending on your familiarity with your co-conversationalist. So many rules, so many ways for a foreigner to look stupid
So of course, being an absolute outsider, no Italian family or friends, except a work colleague or two, i found it difficult and cringe-making to go beyond asking for 2 coffees please and thank you and hello. I said 'it's hot' once. Because I just felt so damn stupid. And I hadn't practised my grammar. And I'm forgetful. I am sure I adressed a male as a female at least once. And I don't think he liked it. So many rules - coffee ettiquette etc. Don't show drunkeness. Don't be a punk, you might break something. The punks here have alot to reject, thats for certain.
Of course, the place is amazing. And yes, they are a very good looking lot. And the architecture is incredible. The country is a treasure.
It would be best to visit Italy being fluent in Italian. It would be best to visit Italy being....well..basically.. actually Italian.
 In fact, why was I even  there man? .......Why not? I mean - how did I pull that one off huh? My answer: What's it to ya?   
It seems the place is on Orange alert presently. John Cabot University, just beside the Tiber, was literally flanked by Army. Pretty college girls were filing into school saying hi to the men, easing their slim frames through the entry, fabric kissing fabric. (the slight sting and flutter of static electricity and ping/pop effervecence). Its an American college. So there you go. The army are stationed across Rome and other major Italian cities in some sort of dodecahedral vector pattern. They stand, and watch. All day. They are Italian. Don't fuck with them. Don't look at them wrong. But this is the european reality since the many attacks in France I guess. Vague vatican directed tirades from millenial millenarians have necessitated all this. Even I felt like a threat. 
I was wearing my 'dead c' 'eusa kills' t shirt and an army guy gave me the evils. Did he read it more as " EU / USA kills (civilians/salafis), white on black ISIS edition. Dont be a punk. Just don't. 
Orange alert. Dont bring luggage with wheels. Clack clak clak clak whhiiir clack clak upon the cobblestone...waa waaaaaah 
Apartment blocks. Africa. Italy has a big African population and they will become Italian whether Italians like it or not. Or is that just a 'southern problem' Lega Nord? The immigration from there is increasing profoundly and without end. Many new arrivals sit and wait, living minute to minute, cigarette to cigarette, living in an essentially unfriendly environment, banding together for comfort, doing what they can to scrape up some petty euros, selling jewellery, bags, power converters, droids, adaptors, leads for your iphone, selfie sticks(?), water and packs of socks to the endless stream of listless, sun-stroked and moneyed tourists that stream in. 

The cruder is in Italia. And i'm almost completely de-musicalized. And for it, I thank the Lord. For music and musicality was, for me, a source of mental pestilence. 

A new quietist phase is inaugurated. (oh, right after I do that one night only Aesthetics show when i get home). The cruder is in Toscana. The cruder is in Firenze. This is 21st century Italy, but it needn't be. These pieces are solid silver. This watch is beautifully crafted. These leather goods are local. The hog is to be hunted, shot, and mounted. It's all just junk. These tourists swelter and loiter and bleed euors. These tourists are guided like a group of preschoolers, led by a flag and a cynical, Phdeed tour leaders - does she hate them? Does she curse them? All in a days work no doubt. Shes used to it. Pickpockets are at work apparently. According to the Australian travel advisory site since December 2015 Rome and Milan have been in the hypothetical cross-hairs of an anti-abortionist or related group. Apparently. Well, probably. The terror is real - apparently. And those machine guns are so damn sexy. Sleek black metal. The military here are sexy and stylish. Avoid all places where people gather. Even better - don't leave the hotel. In fact, why did I travel in the first place? 
Really though - what can you do? Cower? Its like the tactic of the psychic vampire or the charlatan witch - inject the vile concept (a potential attack)and let the mark's endogenous fears and neurosis metastasize. Thats the power of belief. If you believe you're in danger - you are in danger. If you are some sort of half-baked non-linearist or a presentist or a buddhist, it ought to make no difference whether the aiport explodes or not. There needs to be a mid-point. It can and it does happen. The politics behind it all is absolutely out of my control. If i could solve the worlds various problems i would. It can and it does happen. But often, quite often, it does not happen. Like all those people who listen to Judas Priest and don't blow their face off. But it happens. And it has happened. But i ask myself - what (the fuh) do y' do? I mean - if i had the intent to kill some poor wretch and the preservation of my own life was completely unimportant, who and what could really stop me? How do you deal with that? You need spies? You need deep infiltration and encrypted intelligence propagation methodologies? You need to align with organized crime? You need to locate, indentify and bribe? Of course, absolutists of a religious tendency cannot be bought off. Or can they? You need to play extremely dirty. And micro-scale. And extremely deftly. And.... 
Oh....I DONT KNOW, AND NEVER WILL. Its all so pre-rigged.(I sound like the hostage taker in 'Money Monster'). Every wealthy bastard gets a cut - the world is so utterly bent - determinism reigns supreme. With all the surveillance power the west boasts i cant understand why it's all so useless. Most people just want to live in peace. Most people just want to bring up their kids in saftey and have a nice, quiet life and wouldnt hurt a fly. Damn this stupid, stupid world and its stupid, stupid egoist patriarchal control freak population.
And thats all im going to say about that miserable topic. 
The weather is stunning. Life is beautiful. Italy is good for the soul. Italy has soul. Its soulful to the core. It is demonstrably epicurean. It is dense, well worn, 
it is people. People seem happy. This region seems to embody happiness. The people are often very good looking. The villagers emanate a graceful amicability, in the main reserved for each other, sometimes spilling over to visitors. 
Hey Putas. well here is the Cruder in Italia and me and my moglie is walking around the borderline vulgar display of utter magnificence that is Florence. Its all oooooh and aaaah and my lord that is rather old and wafts of leather and meats and cheeses. Its dense and ornate to the point of psychosis. But i cannot deny it - its amazing here. But man, the west --- the object, matter, all that 'stuff'. Is there time to think amongst all this 
display? To 'have' to 'hold' to 'consume' to 'excrete' to 'express' your 'power' and adorn thy universe-sized ego seems to be the way of it all here. 
The western way. Objects. Objects. Objects. 
Leather and mould. 
Catholicism is one hell of a display in Italy. The churches and iconography, the paegentry and shrines are breathtaking. The tortured Christ is still pinned to the crucifix, for ever, world without end. The purification and sanctification of our sins continues. The sacred heart is the portal to heaven. I saw the blessed head of Saint Catherine of Siena and have been fascinated by Catholic mysticism ever since. Uh ohhh. Satan is angry - first i give up the devil music, now I am a dabbling in Christ's blood? 

Travel. why do it? why why why. bye. bye. bye. 

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