Saturday, August 6, 2016

thanks for reading.

Hello reader, thanks for taking the time to scour these lines. It amazes me that people still catch up with my drivel, there may be a little kernel of entertainment to be gleaned here and there, a reference maybe, an anecdote - something. I notice I have a reader from Russia who is most consistent with his/her drop-ins, a handful from New Zealand, the odd American. I really do thank you all for clicking in. The purpose of this blog has drifted over the years. There's still 3 years to go on this particular site - if i am still penning tripe at that stage we'll set up another chapter. I have other blogs - earlier ones back when i performed and recorded prolifically - 'the crude decade' and a couple of others can be tracked down - there you'll read more in the way of commentary on music and reviews of live shows.
I live in Melbourne and work far too hard in a local factory - dealing with people displaying all manner of idiosyncracies. I guess in a way i am burnt out - the need to 'expose' or 'display' my music to the world has all but disappeared. Why? Because I simply have nothing to say musically at present - i strain to find any relevance in it all.
These blog posts are extracted from a place of disgust - a void - a feigned hatred for hypocrisy and inequality - an intoxicated realm lacking formal narrative, these lines are starved of meaning.
Much of what is penned is unconscious -  thoughtless. Much is half-hearted.
I enjoy being no-one. I read the primary texts of Vedanta, an ancient Indian philosophy.
I seemingly yearn for something - but know not what it is.
I regard myself as a nothing special, just another citizen minding me own business.

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