Saturday, August 6, 2016

president trump.

Oh city -city I love you. A legal black hole. Where laws can be stretched and bent like putty.
A money launderers haven. Restauranteurs-as-washing machines. You can just disappear there, Subdivide and rate-evade. Its all good. Thats the spirit. Thats the way. We enjoy life, we inure and steep. Breakfast.
President Trump.
Oh to make a difference. Get ye into politics? Finance? Services? Accountancy? Economic Archaeology? Oh to move, to push, to heave. To render exobytes of zeroes legal tender. To slap  3 - 4 - 5 zeroes on the old bank balance. To align with hackers and make potty. Sam, distant relative, landed the Fort Lauderdale deal. Banging equidistant, a radio wave and a face check. Its all you'll ever need. Next in line is the vacuum of space - a heaving counter-wave, black-bodied and equivalent, vestigal and contoured, a deliriant ; high dosage is recommended - please administer to the worlds' billionaire population as soon as is practicable.
I suggest funding material science to the hilt. Also optics - photonic crystals and such. Also electro-magnetic propulsion research. Ion traps. Also I will fund research into Orbital Angular Momentum, the Casimir effect, superconductivity, deep space communications, superluminal studies and optical vorticity.

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