Saturday, April 23, 2016

the economy

I say - damn the economy. Death to the market. Death to the economy. We are all supposed to worship the economy, to propitiate it hourly, to keep it fed and healthy like a bilious babe, to 'grow' it and keep growing it - forever. Nations that don't 'grow' fast enough are deemed 'a worry'. We are compelled to place the economy before everything - our lives, our relationships, our culture, our art, our philosophy, our spirituality, our love and joy. Our real life - our end of the day life - our actual life. The economy is all. And it has to keep growing regardless. For what. For more 'choices'? For the choice between a brown piece of shit or a browny-yellow piece of shit?
These bean counting bottom feeders, these market liberals - these machines, these metastasizing clumps, high on temporary power - meme magicians - the personification of low impulse control - no real outlook beyond their own puny lifespans - screwing the world of their own progeny and laughing about it  - these moronic hyper-aggrandized opportunists -  propagandizing whole populations into adopting the neo-liberal ethos - may they be cursed. 
We are called to work ourselves to death - for the economy.  
Turn the meme around - do not accept the neo-liberal agenda. 

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