Friday, April 25, 2014

Mobile Vignette..Keblujaron Night ..

Yep, I'm using a cute lil app called bloggeroid offa my vaguely outmoded slash shitty xperia x10 clunker. Not much room to stretch out the old fingers on this digital keypad but hey,,I can wack out the feeling, the gist of it all with this plastic rectangle from the misty-moist days of 2011. Its Saturday, I'm perched up on a barstool at the Cornish Arms on Sydney Road..a bar that used to be a scum punk watering hole but now caters to local post-gentrification semi-professionals and sportos. But it has retained a little bit of character, there is a knowingness to the atmosphere, I guess. The Cruder is off to view a lush stop motion piece by my workmate tonight, Isao Sano . Isao, affectionately know as Ove is the sound designer for the film. His artistic work ethic is stuff of legend at work. The film was a painstaking enterprise. And my goodness...was it good. review coming up....

....Made a point of entering one of Melbournes many and varied streams of socialbility last week. Had to be done. There was some sort of do on, a lil' tease. This was more than your usual outing, it was a showcase of some serious burgeoning ami..amina - animation talent. And as we all know most of Melbournes talent seems to work in the organic food industry – well – one factory in particular - and hence work with me; it is one such colleague, Isao Sano (Ove Naxx) who's work stories comprise mostly of sleepless coffee sustained nights bleeding over painfully repetitive time consuming shots for an up-coming experimental animation project, that I had to go see that night. The gnosis - indeed the transformative enterprise Ove laboured over was a work entitled Keblujaron -  brainchild of visual artist Akihito Nonowe,sound artist Isao Sano and vocalist/artist Konoka Takashiro.

The trio are from Osaka, Japan. 
The night was supported by Little Tengu , weaved together with the help of several noisy art/sound acts and in my mind was a true success. So, the point of it all, the teaser, was a true overload.
Keblujaron appears to be an orgy of obsessional motifs, strange angular forms, an astoundingly unveiled Freudian smorgasbord, surrealist industrial animation unconsciously tipping its hat to 'The FantasticPlanet' and the animated stop-motion work of Terry Gilliam. Narrative took second place to pure artistry, experiment and technical exposition with this work, as is often the case with many a film-makers maiden voyage. Sound and Music for the film was provided by Ove NAxx - and it was seamless.  Perfect off-beat electronic warbles and throbs and jangling guitar tracts punctuated the awkward lurching bodily mutation scenes, tension arcs and manic power-ups, occasionally reminiscent of the all-round sound engineering/editing craziness of mother-fucking Ren and mother-fucking Stimpy - at other times droning and choral like some animist trance ritual, that is - truly sublime. Yep, I was told these boys used chance and other shamano-daoist indeterministic methods to coax out a scene here, they would embark on a session of grueling stop-motion work without any ostensible guidelines in mind, thus gauging open psycho-artistic motifs direct from the collective unconscious. Hugely entertaining stuff, very keen to check out the completed package.
There was also plenty of perfectly appropriate music that night, my favourite had to be OveNaxx's set - its always strange to watch a work mate from down the factory transform into some sort of techno-god figure when your used to seeing him sporting a one-size-fits-all hairnet and lab-coat spattered with sauce, buckini and the finest yellow-hued 'gubinge' powder. Thats perfectly describes the effect Ove promulgated, a total morph, a transformation away from the everyday -  a stylish Japanese postmodern rock-star manipulating digital equipments from the near future, his violent chugging electronic sounds juxtaposing the commerce and bustle Osakas city-scape with the clutter, creativity and lurid subjectivity of a solo artists bedroom/studio. OveNaxx's musical template is right-smack up-to-date, waftings of experimentalism over
a straight-ahead nasty techno core - dub-stepping sub-bass body-slamming motifs, strange guitar melody with the odd vocal manipulation. My fave of the night.
All the other acts were tight – there was – and yes, this piece is lifted, lazily, ever so lazily….Toxic LipstickPASSENGEROFSHITUmbilical Tentacle, Binliner, Cross Pollination, Pauly Fatlace, Nayutto, and Snuggy Man. Truly eclectic, a truly crazed evening of mixed media really, if you read the list of acts over at the facebook event page , you encounter a truly collaborative venture. Like a freaking film. Filmmaking is the collaborative art they say. So someone somewhere needs to talk the freaking talk, to be friendly and network seamless. Zip. Zip it, cock it, freaking freak scene,....

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