Sunday, January 5, 2014

goodbye (2013) jealous hick waffle

Hello you. Yeah, you. Welcome to the world's least read blog. No comment. No freaking comment. And fair enough to, wheres the money? Can't monetize this small-faced cunt can we, meeester cultural gate-keeper. Oh yeah, another year of this directionless pulp. 5 more years left on the blog. Is legend-status something this cunt writer can muster by 2019? Thats not the writers call, homie. Slick.
Its obligatory drinking day here in the wealthy west, and oh, the sweetness of the air. Unless you have to stand close to me and what i'm wearing - which is most likely the same shit i had on this time last year. Melbourne city. So god damn liveable here I tells ya. Unless you're looking for asylum.
Here in Melbourne it seems that the entire population , every single one of them, is embarking on a creative project. See that baby there, she's about to film a music video. That venerable octogenarian over yonder, why...she's actually just come back from a tour supporting Mumford and Sons. That guy ranting,,,there,,,with the bottle in the paper bag...he's a published poet. See that cat,,he's a Persian , and he's a lauded experimental dance choreographer. That cockroach you nearly stood on....he's a sound artist just off to put the finishing touches on his installation downtown.
Everyone is writing a novel, everybody is  making a film, everyone plays music, everyone improvises, everyone has a vintage four-track , everyone plays saxophone, everyone is touring europe and the states..
You gots t' gotta be.....i don't know... GG Allin if you want to be noticed.

But hey. Is another year and another shot at rocking it in Melbourne town so the aesthetics version 18 will give it a good ole go.
Listen, don't get me wrong, I cherish my readership. You keep me going.
Life is life. Solace is solace. Time is someone else's money.
Action begets response. Most of the time.
Unlike brazen mafia types, we gotta just keep our heads down, work and worry.
It's lucky time.
Talk nothing.
Motivation circuits, all awash with mama's grey water dopamine.
That wasn't no job well done there me old mukka, that's just cheating. Cheating.

Eat me collingwood hipster scum

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