Friday, December 20, 2013

oh, flipper and oh, lilting fronds o' charnia

I call forth the phase that is 2014 ! Be nice to me, be nice to all . Homo Sapiens (a glitchy model - really unreliable if you ask me) can be a nasty lot. A nasty bunch. People like , god i just learnt of his activities this morning - oh god, Robert Berdella - just google that shit. Its the big stumbling block for theists - the problem of evil. Nasty. Not good. Really bad. Really bad.
So 2013 - what a quadrant. What a log. A lil' three dimensional wad-log of timey. What did you coax your aging frame into 'doing'  - whip up money? go on outings? probably did, didn't ya. \
From january 2013 through to today and beyond I have worked hard (all the while deflecting the efforts of the pesticide maketeeers) packaging boxes of niche market chocolate and superfood bars. (you) and (I) kept it up, hated and disliked by control freaks from hear to her. So blacken up your smoking bowls because when we choose to lie - and when we choose to block up the informational drains, we choose reality. reality mediated and filtered through hard drugs. But thats the rendering agent, the (caking) agent, the realtor. Owing rent is our commodity - yours and yours and yours. Music? In Melbourne? Music?? why? what for exactly? what channel? why risk it?
Its the same 'rant' everytime isnt it Oppenheimer.

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