Friday, November 15, 2013

aesthetics reborn

So I am now ether.
Decided to re-ignite the Aesthetics band, trying out new drummers. So it'll be Matt Middleton on guitar, alto and keyboards, Edie Stevens on bass and electronics and a new drummer. The Aesthetics collapsed about a year ago. My ego could only take one year of working beside young and boundlessly energetic punksters who seemed to gig every second day. I...I was a rock musician I'd have to say...well, enough - time to just get out and perform  - be it retarded 'out' rock, slowdiving shoe gagging sick-rock, sick-making  fizzer-gigs, dry humpers, lumbering wads of pathetica, dragging synthesizer through coburg like jesus on his way to pay for all our sinz , lazy phaser flavours , neo-grunge goatee, dump-jive, playback, two-bit orientalism, riff-rock, domesti-punk, worker punk, commuter-core,  Concrete up those kids playgrounds. Kill your councils. Evaporate sense.  enjoy the

 Ageing I am, domesticated, shackled by job and financial considerations, life in Dunedin was a charmed round of sickness benefit and thousands of hours of free time that could be entirely channeled into recording and performing. Those years were a one-off one-chance-only cultural anomaly that I will never have the oppurtunity to repeat or even emulate, thank god i got some recordings down. Never again will bohemia be able to dedicate their time to art in the same way - unless they can pay for the privilege, or have someone else pay for it.

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