Saturday, August 31, 2013

Reflective paragraph

...and so I write for the sake of writing for the sake of writing keeping the spirit vital . World maelstrom as per bloody usual. Looking back over this blog project I realize it's nearly five years old. It all started back it 2008 with this post , an attempt to encapsulate the 'news section' of the old site. And from there it grew, 78 posts in 2008, then in 2009 I revamped the operation calling the blog 'the crude decade'.  When 2010 came along I decided to stay put for 10 years and blog on until 2019 at la decennie brut , which of course is French for 'the crude decade'. Before decades end I hope to self publish the journal in physical form, a little softcover edition. Ill read it, I know that much. Over and over again. In all psychic states, trying to coax out meaning.

Narrative - the story. Is there a story embedded within these digital pages? That's the readers prerogative. Dig in and weave one together if ye wish. Or just take the crude news byte by byte.
Trying. Very. Hard.

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