Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Got a tram fine or two? You're scum. Utter scum. Of course, the real criminals are those who operate while entrenched in high office, sucking your very fiscal soul away.......they're the top. They're the chaps who get away with it, big scale. The big boys, the big bad wolves. Pillars of society. Getting away with it day out...perfectly invisible and guarded.  According to media spin of late plebs like me are compelled to feel bad about myself coz I gots an outstanding fine for not presenting the ticket officer a valid Myki card. The big guys plunder on and Australian culture just adores them...They love their big time crooks, their gangsters, their libertarian entrepreneurs, their media magnates, their control freaks.. 'Underbelly' is a glorious swag of Aussie bad..most of 'em psychopathic opportunists and charismatic thugs. But we love their gall, their finesse, their networking skills, their problem solving abilities. Their maverick power. Their enforcement protocols. The genetic predisposition for chaos. Nurturing new markets. New products. Old products. New girls. Stopping those boats. Turning 'em back. Australia political economy turns rightward this September. A conservative triad at last - New Zealand, Australia and England. Imperial. Blue-blooded and breaking skulls.
A bent city is Melbourne.  But us satanic tram fare evaders are supposed to feel like filth. Guilty of being a little poorly organised . Guilty of not being fucking rich. A double standard. But that's just the way it is and shall forever be. Some brilliant hacker should hack the Myki system man, bring it down.
Owe a little bit of money to a utility company? They'll hunt you down to the ends of the earth to get their 150 dollars. Owe 2 million? Ach, forget it, what can we do for you?
So. Absolutely. Bored.

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