Friday, March 22, 2013


Ho ho ho!
Its christmas time!! Well, easter. Its all the freaking same. its all jesus. The Christ.
Next phase ---first it was the natural contours of Taoism, then the ever prostrate pure path ov Islam, then the  selfward adventures ov Mysticism ??
Its the weekend and i can do the creative things i used to to all week!
Heres another cruddy video:

Okay. Tainted painted and shingle dipped, where were you?? Vapour trails and hogs. Thats our primer. So tell that . Eat bug, Doncaster. Smack it. This is rock music, dongle. So its to the Coburg library i waddle.
Playing sombre and small minded clarinet strains.for the lord Rudra. Rudraksha beaded and blessed and bonged outta my mind. Hip-hop-holiday. christian mysticism and union fissures. Tangled up in the 21st century.
try five. Fifth jerk. A years worth. Blissed biscuits. Special node, special jurist.

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