Saturday, February 16, 2013

absolute usurpation

..of any and all forms of cultural rebellion. Keep it in the family. Mentally murdered by moneyed interests worldwide forever. Counter culture - 20th century stuff, the beats, hippies , punks, ,,,nothing's left. Have you seen this? You heard of this? The youth are hunkered down in funny money/debt,  decimated and rendered insipid by fragmentated data and the lazy humid smug-shroud that is ez access instant digital know-ledge , boxed up, behold the templatization of new creative out-put. The end of the 20th century seemed momentous, full of momentum, the 21st century is the realization of the gruelling ugly weight of the rest of the century. A dirty century, dirtier than the last ? Corrupt as all hell. Filthy. The century of the first individual trillionaire. unless we already have one?, dosen't the Rothschild fortune stretch into the trillions? Behold now - the absolute immolation of the poor. This is the century in which drug gangs will wield power and resources equivalent to that of entire nations. All nefarious intent willl be consolidated. Hell on earth : genetic, chemical, sub-atomic , has already been acheived. Merry Christmas 2013!

Keep it hipster. Each node an individual receptacle, a paddy-cake. Ant rid. Nickers. Tram venue. Lockjawed and sexual. Nag-gag. Here and Now I slice Ekke-ekha-eck-eckehard tolle in half and serve him up like a banana split. Saty with the sense of 'I'. Hate that blog. eat out a blogger. Scoop 'em out. Carrion and dongle. Pokey puck swathes. All tomorrows Parties 2013. what is music? consolidation and trade fairs. The new playing field - release parties and compilations. Theme nights and curators. Festivals and catering cartels.

You are that substratum eternal  - thee the.

Tangled all up
Parser and Jowel.
Vaginal project
Bag and bilge.
Sprout a skag
Left lefter.

New album song by song:

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