Saturday, January 5, 2013

code name toilet quickie

    A new code name for 'Crude gigs' is Matt Middleton (crude,the aesthetics) , cause we is older and frailer/bolder and uglier , we make sumptuous liberally doled out apologies to the to the righteous rightest Aussie family as I walk straight into 'em on the street, not one animated corpse ov their number was a-gonna move for my bedraggled leftist family, walking our groceries home like derelicts, hey Justin and Julie from the corrupt Victoria police kick-backer brigade, this schizoid cow-cocky's  real sorry that you didn't move aside like dem normal folks so that i had to walk into you and yours, i guess you showed me who's boss round these parts right then and there. A raft of sorries from the sorry kiwi. Angry young men with pocket money blown on spray paint bomb spectacular and weeds as tall as trees line the Moreland streets and brickwork, and the value plummets, house prices are down,down,down and who profits? Who wins? Always trace it - in any given situation, try and check it - who stands to gain? The freemasons of Melbourne? The Melbourne mafia? The old families? The agencies? The sex industry? The publicans? The Harley Davidson corporation? The Lebanese? The Muslim Brotherhood? The Theosophical Society? The Northcote paedofile set? The pickers and packers ? The League of extraordinary Genlemen? The cheese importers fraternity?

 Heat-delerium be our muse this eve, dear reader. Whistle-wet  socket-lickin' bone-dusted and covered in raw-organic buckwheat, a thousand milligrams of stelazine may be on the cards. Its an unhealthy world-view, that of the mother-fucker. Whooa! Smells like there's enough lead in the step-sons underarm spray to bring Caligula back from the dead and to orgy once more!. We gotta keep our products preservable. Dilettante.  Oh the boy, hes all caught up in the world of tagging and bombing, that grey area where your not quite 18, you are practically adult but still just a child, like the Alice Cooper song attests, waiting for the job, copious school holidays, no money, no viable social options outside the mainstream, still a child but absolutely certain you've got everything worked out, with the exception of your fucking identity.
One day he may appreciate how lucky he was to be raised by Crude. Yeah right.

Anyhoo. Gugs! I am playing JANUARY 14TH at the NRTHCOTE SOCIAL CLUB, and JANUARY 28 at GASOMETER. more deets soon!!!!

Blackened in the end. Rightist cyclist pack spouts special hate speech unto thee. Cream of the crop. The Caitanya of lord Krsna. And lashings of Prema. Don't tell me ole' Shiva is a demi-god meeester ISKCON. A bit of Rupa Goswami give you perspective though. The Vaisnav/ Shaivite dialectic goes on and on. I believe theres a hybrid god though - Harihara.

Oh Brahman, thou art Atma!

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