Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012 in summa

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2012, you were an portion of time. A span of physical change and retrogradation.Be ye hard determinist or be ye an advocate of radical free will, time passed, and will continue to pass, whether linear or cyclical in its procession. And we aged. And the Crude mechanism clattered and sputtered , 2012 saw the release of 'Crude Australian' vols 2 and 3. Crude performed a few times, low-key affairs all. Working two jobs as a casual staffer stuffed 2012 with 'real world' tasks, suffocating certain creative drives. Today as I recline in the shade, suckling midori and lemonade , unpaid but still getting laid, I look back and take stock, these are post-industry days, a solid policy and philosophy regarding performance and cultural participation is in dire need for the Cruder, 2013 requires sense and sensibility, definition, meaning. The manifesto will be published here.
When one is paid handsomely for performing non aesthetic tasks you start to question your motives.
Crude Australian volume two is a jewel, an offering. Crude Australian volume 3 was a piece of coal, a formal complaint. Hope to record new lazy lofi pieces over Christmas and new year.
2012 was a year that I took to youtube, using windows movie maker to whip up simple lil music videos for selected crude tracks past and present. The result is the fairly weighty 'Great Crude Youtube Reference Library', an ever growing archive sitting on the net like an undiscovered resovoir of fossil fuels, stealthy, just sitting, meditating like the great lord shiv, the data available to all, just find it, find it. Buried treasure. Esoterica. Some of it sonic turdage, some of it gold.
Heat, political leverage, lobby groups, Christmas party, our post-modern value system,  blandishments and beauracracy, biggles and tintin, brains and tripe, blood pudding, oh aether eternal, sun and sky and suns afar, bleeding brilliant , line up sonny, it's a special day. We made it. We arise, this morn, 2 days further towards this sign of the water bearer, the dualistic paternalism soon to fall away like a spider unsheathing itself,  new age, new phage.

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