Sunday, November 4, 2012

day off. koolest kontent.

Hey Swami! Tackle me tackle! Schlurp-it-up, start me up ill never stop! Somebody shut me up! Bullet for brains! Intercourse and web-ventures!

So sell this out Proctor and Gamble, i lined up, waited my turn and was told NO, NO, its not possible, meeester.
And, by the way Pastor, i think your a little bit on the fat side, don't you?
I mean, come on! Look at those FOLDS. How they undulate and oscillate, like a putrid sine wave. Like last years french toast. I mean, think hard. Think hard and fry up something a little carbohydrate free for the sake of the holy temple ov Jerusalem. Food is fattening, food is fat. Fatten up, goddamn you! Your JUST. TOO. THIN!
Hes such a DICK. what a dick . Such a dick. A male idiot. A silly man. Someone who acts according to what his genitalia and genetic drive suggests. Melbourne, the city of compressed air and self-conciousness compressed and pressed inward like a thousand livers in a vat of finest diverted Fentanyl, we target youth markets with our fine fine tobaccy leaves. Handle that jandal. You just dont feel so politically motivated in this land of milk and honey because we gets to work and EARN. But when i lived in the NewZealand, goodness gracious i was politically motivated. Thats what a shit wage will do to ya. Thats what not being actually able to find a fucking job any fucking where will do to ya. Makes ya all political and such. Anyhoo.My fucking dick. Well, lets talk about it. Its, well, its , hell. Nah. Hold up hold up. Im in a public realm here arent I meeeester NSA google CIA fucker mother fuck.
How bout the philthy rich corrupt fuckers who 'run this joint'. They can HUSH ANYTHING UP. They can buy their way out of any tight corner. Theyuve got judges, lawyers, politicians, corporates, military and organized crime in their pocket. And theys got the power. So next time your taken to court for a TRAM FINE, just think of the outrageous crimes getting swept under the carpet day in day out by those we are supposed to 'look up to'.

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