Sunday, July 8, 2012

sunday thoughts

Cold world. Black Planet. Arthur. Sumer. Quaker. Live-in. Fundamentals.
Jangle. Briss. Noose. Putty. Mirror.
Sew it shut, oh heir apparent.
Suckle me this, riddler.
Twenty numbers lined up and fornicating.
A lift for my man, a lift for my prescience.
Jewels and rags and oils and greasers, rockers and rollers.
Goal. Jail. Gadfly. Cups. Cupping. Scissoring. Humping.
Dry, even. Full sized human doll. dolly. Doloxene. Manticore. Big timer.
Left behind , grind the rind.
Bent over and broken.
Slick shaft.
Oil oil oil.
Oil it up , Helmut Becker.
Schmultz, Putz, Chutzpah.
Breast, Copper, Ointment
Scandalous crescent moon dextrous hydrochrloric
Scent of Chloric, tonic, bionic thud pander lobby hex.
Bio-humping. ride the sybian. Machines do-it-better.
Male g-spot, milk substitution regime 2014.
Don't worry Fred, make up the difference with this nice pus.
Milk machinery and dna replicators, profit margin fly ointment margariner.

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