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Before you go any further, please let me tell you that this is a very depressing post ok? So do nt read it if you dont wanna be. I am essentially a joyfull and life-loving person. But the corruption of this system irks me to the very core. And i can explain myself succinctly, a skill that becomes more valuable and subversive by the day. 

Hello World!! (You, yes YOU oh reader).
It's cold here again today (let me call it 'Melbourne-cold', a new kind of cold, and I'm supposed to be hard - I'm grew up in a tiny city called Invercargill, NZ).

Its Sunday the 10th of June still throbbing like gristle? Check.
I'm still living like a mother wit' the family o' families, Mr Matty Middleton (toxicology, method actor researching a near futuristic office-boy role, the hubby), Mrs Chris Knight (the pants, linen, hard-smokin' feminism, hard left, original 80s punk), and young Otto Middleton-Knight (17yo, lots to learn about life on Earth whilst we struggle under this ugly late-modern-capitalist-social-morass, but boy-oh-boy he knows way more than most about guns I tell ya).

We are a migrant family, (oh yes tram-o-sardines - we're YET another migrant family to Melbourne) we've been living it hard in the multi-cultural wonderland of Moreland city (one of the larger cities within Greater Melbourne) since August 2011. Finally, we've made it. We found us a house real quick last year, something extremely rare according to fellow ex-pats we know. I swipe up a (casual) job after reading a food-spattered newsypaper in the local laundrette, like serendipity. And after an initially promising admin job which turns out to be be-leaguered by malevolent, narcissistic and corrupt Aussie mercenaries, my lovely wife has finally has a kosher council library job in her sites. Even our Otto has night work at the local K-Mart. We've made it. So really - up yours Paula Bennet and your ideological kin, wuck you National Party and your 'Brighter Future'. What a cruel, cynical joke. I got a job the moment i moved away from the cow urine flooded processing centre called the south island of NZ. Now i must admit, not all of us fleeing kiwis get so lucky. So the smug remark is just a thing of chance and irony. 

It really goes to show however that the fact that I 'couldn't get a job' in NZ had nothing to do with my own 'individual' shortcomings, or the fact i didnt have the tenacity to 'pull myself up by my bootstraps' and make my-self a millionaire like all my cancer-addled uncles did. The Boomers had it all cheap as they came up through the ranks, govt assistance into family homes, free tertiary education, an almost 100% employed labour market, low prices for food. And now, they expect our generation to not only pay for the debt of the extreme structural adjustments of 1980s New Zealand (a super-sized form of laissez-faire market capitalism knon as Rogernomics),we will pay our student loans off for the rest of our lives, while many must line up for the dole because even business degrees don't actually guarentee you shit anymore (most fuck off outta dodge), we (gen x and y) are expected to pay insane market rents, work longer for less and pay more and more for utilities, gladly accept casualized and security-free jobs, work multiple jobs, spend less time actually being a human and fostering human companionship, we have little to no sense of 'place' or 'future' or 'community', we are expected to spend our 'leisure time'  paying exorbitant fees (to hollyood execs) at gaudy and vulgar movie mega-colleseums while on hot days we hunt down the last remaining 'free public spaces' (which are immediately gentrified and rented to the sociopathic brats of corporate patriarchs up to the millions), as we work our asses off in art school we literally have our ideas and our creative power siphoned, stolen and flogged off for a song to filthy-rich advertising corporations where the artistic truths we laboured over with our blood and genetic-aesthetic essence are castrated, white-washed and made user-friendly then financially rewarded to said ad-company CEOs. We have our 'power' bills triple in size, we will ultimately die from the effects global warming for the sake of 'growth' or some kind of man-made( thats right - man made, not woman-made) catastrophe ,we are left with no choice but to entertain ourselves in increasingly internal, singular, and anti-social ways, (ironically sold to us a type of 'connectivity') -  they literally will teach their own children, their own future human legacy that it is somehow our lack of a work ethic and that it is each our individual responsibility to not only prosper exactly as they did under these new impositions, corporate-lobbied legislations and conditions,  but to be happy about it and shut the fuck up as we do so! And all the while the bankers and mafias and drug cartels who are left alone to do their thang by corrupt govts and police keep amassing and holding to ransom the wealth and potential utopia of this, our earth. Our home. Our ONE home. In fucking the middle of SPACE. There is NOTHING ABOVE OUR FUCKING HEADS BUT SPACE. Trillions upon trillions of miles of non-rentable, non-monetizeable, outer-fucking SPACE. And we are it. We are it - the only conscious beings??? And ths is how we live? Ths is what we do to each other? The Occupy movement was snuffed out by the alcoholic goons of the right-wing media, just like ALL memetic rebellions eventually are and seem to be. They don't want punk and its ethick of fredom coming back, they dont want the 60s coming back. Aleister Crowley is one of my personal heroes, animal fucker or not. So is an animal like GG Allin. Not his behaviour, but his stance against the staus quo.  The meat-heads rule the roost and KFC knows it. The lowest common denominator rules the day. And these square puritanical 50-somethings wonder why there's a binge drinking culture among the teenagers of New Zealand. Or anywhere. We are floating in outer space for fucks sake - THAT is reality. Not The Voice. But the STARS above. The AWE and what t ultimately MEANS. Our utter, utter insignificance. Of course- thats simple again, to drink oneself into a stupor is an individual choice and a personal shortcoming. Accoding to the right its a moral failing, not a subconcious response to the lack of real socio-economic options we have left, and the fact that we have fucked the world over irreversably and its going to get worse, and worse, and worse. Not because the corrupt drug cartels and the military and the weapons companies and pharma companies are all in it together, oh no. And the bankers and insurance agents and the real-estate tycoons and the gangs and the sex-industry and the media are all in it together too. And we float on a planet in space. They wonder why we drink. Fuck the World.

and here's the article again put through the cut up machine

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