Sunday, June 17, 2012

monday june 18

Good Morning, and it's another victory for the Banksters, they get their money and the Greeks are now gonna face further austerity. Thats just fantastic - essentially a victory for the Greek people right? Max Keiser and his intrepid co-journalist Stacey Herbert know the score, ain't that the truth.
Its, as one of my new heroes Andrew Eldritch mentions, a 'Black Planet'....indeed, its a 'Black World'.
And as citizens of Melbourne Australia we are amongst the lucky ones. So lets count our blessings and live out our days in hedonistic bliss. Thats one of my alternate universes right there, living the life of the hedonist, the lover of the body the world and its pleasure principles, its pleasure potentials. And why not. So long as a modicum of coin lines these great unwashed jeans, i'm gonna have me some fun. Gee, like thats some kind of half hearted threat or something. We'll see.
The Aesthetics band rehearsed on the weekend, and i decide the act is a performance piece, not a band at all, a chip off the old kunst block, some sort of artless art act. So just 'smile at a stranger' says Lynton, teetering on the periphery of socio-logistics, show us those degrees of seperation my friend, see how the circles decrease, see how small these villages are after all, 6 becomes 5 becomes 4, and a shower beckons like a warm leatherette, swallow it whole and re-ingest, ''... he implies with spastic incredulity and a triangular gait. I am cyanide over you. I could shift in here he says, his flat on the brink of collapse, a solitary man. I wish him well as he visits Germany.
Cosmic hangover. Work is work is work. A job is a job afterall. Better keep that ageism at bay, you old bastard. Make sure you just....look good.
I've put my mp3 player on shuffle and it keeps playing  Simply Saucer over and over and over again.
Oh Monday become Tuesday. Cosmic hangovers man, never fun, never fun.
well, clearly nothing much to say today, blogging for the sake of blogging, more digi-guff for posterity, contextualize this Fiona my lovely, put it in its place. Every place has a face. A face to mace.
Mace my face, place the face

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