Friday, June 1, 2012


Welcome to June 2012.
And you need that extra fatty stoic layer, don't ya bub. Cause, yep, I'll say it again, like the badly etched LP that clicks back and forth, it gets a lil' cold here in Melbourne city dosen't it, Karen, my dear. Britches and brine, poppy seed tea never warmed me up quite like the sodium-rich expectorant of juniper squash, specially now on Brunswicks finest olive olive olive grounds.
So bugger. The Romans sure 'orgied', ,don't think the Melbournites quite had the time - and who does in the year two thousand and twelve? 'Specially with our systems as they are - who's gonna make the coffee? Who's gonna wash the dishes/ Whos gonna put out the recycling? whos gonna fill the car up with petrol? Who's gonna look after the plumbing? So orgy we don't no more, altohugh i nice beer goes down a treat. egg. egg. frank Zappa. Prostate cancer. The Aesthetics - shows comnig up in melbourne maybe at the Tote! and with uv race in august,  and a mondee nite mass on june 25 or sumthin'. my gawd.
black. ochre. pitch. coal. blakc. ochre. pitch. charcoal. nicotine.

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