Friday, May 18, 2012

l'amour l'amour

City City City - oh city oh city, the architect made it so, the Roman made it so, Nero made it so,
make it so, take every ounce of gold from every square inch of the empire to make it so said Nero, and so and so, like the euro of nowadays - he built his palace - thee great Domus Aurea. Sol Invictus! Sol Invictus! Sol Invictus! God of sword, god of light, god of fire!
Hopping on a tram like a speech-primed statesman on cocaine, the locals thought it idiotic, the inner city folk thought it amusing for 2 seconds, the international folk clapped and cheered because it was the emperor and they had no choice.
No choice in the matter. A stage is a stage be it only for a moment.
It's as cold as it gets here now, and nothing more need be said about it. even with a heavy Canadian accent.

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