Sunday, April 29, 2012


Kids these what?! Oh the access they have. Liquid data, anything, everything at their lil' fingertips. Smart phones and wireless networks - the searing magic of truly fluid information. Like an undulating plasma. The human mind is truly amplified and augmented these days. And my generation, the tail end of the X-ers, have been there to witness its advent and evolution from the unwieldy beige boxes of the early ninetees to the beginnings of the net in its consumer form..through to the magnificence and sheer elegance of  the touch screen. I have calculated where young people go to access music, and it is youtube. Wanna find a song to listen to, go to youtube, the video image is not important. It's the universal jukebox. The end times jukebox. And so, i have decided to gradually upload the Crude back-catalogue of songs to youtube. Foolish? Maybe. But i see that people don't spend the time to record or even download music anymore. It is streamed like a kind of radio. And so i add my work to this radio station.
The name of the playlist is 'The Great Crude You-Tube Reference Library". I don't even want to know what the small print has in store for me. Fact of the matter is - well, we all know it - we all die one day. Let us enjoy the time we have. By hook or by crook. Hedonism is an art-form. It is a noble style of living that I now demand of myself. Public/private, private/public - the Cynics tore it all asunder. Hail to Diogenes the DOG! Although not a hedonist, he was a true iconoclast.

The repository will be amassed gradually over the next few months. Here's the link:


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