Friday, March 16, 2012

commentary march 17 2012

Life. It keeps going. Radical subjectivity assures me that this life i lead will be an eternal one because, as i have said time and time again, if one can internalize and subjectivize ones temporal experience totally, this innings is our one and only experience of time and therefore - all time and therefore - an eternity.
This is the upanishadic outcome. This is eastern metaphysics par excellence.
My quest is to unravel the binding elements - to defy limits by denying them any reality. Stop measuring things. Stop measuring time and space. Stop anticipating outcomes and regretting past failures. Stop measuring and therefore activating material axioms.
Embracing the fleshless , derail the body.
Enquire as to the source of the self.
Split up the bacon rinds and swivel.
Make hay and chew cud.
Mashed potato-cum-lemon peel. And bitters.
Bitter-me-timbers Roderick, the professor of comparative bollocks once told me
As he forced me to lick his suede elbow patches.
Melbourne city is a city. The air is heady with perfume and the rattle and scrape of the trams. It's a flat city, its a big city. And there's not enough good available men to go around. Women are everywhere. In cars, on trams, walking the streets, shopping, riding bicycles, talking to people. They teach, manage, communicate, enforce the law. Women rule. They are the greatest. We males generally suck. What do women actually see in us? Still, I hear this city truly does have a shortage of good, handsome, well mannered and eligible men for the millions of amazing single women here. So guys, come on. Get it together. Get real. Just shave it off. Please. Get rid of the fucking beard. Do it now.
God i'm bored.

So it looks like Harry wants some of the Middleton magic as well. Isn't that a little bit - oh I don't know , incestuous or something? Oh well.
So who here is a creative type. Is it you, my Russian reader? Please reader, feel free to introduce yourself here. Don't be afraid ! As well know - this blog/journal is going to be around until 2019, unless i die, which is always a possibility, so...yeah - would be nice to get to know some of my readers.
I've been recording a bit more work lately using the ultra-lo-fi technique, i tend to wack out a tune or electro-acoustic work when i get some time to meself. Listen to the fruits here:

The track below is called 'Loss'. Its a bass recorder piece, simple, ostensibly eastern-inspired. I am attempting to capture and nullify unpleasant emotional states with this fairly quiet meditation.

This track is my latest - its about get the internal struggle (the higher jihad) , the struggle to placate ones passions.

this next track is a tonal working , playing around with bass recorder drones. Its about what happens when you drink too much hydrochloric in the morning.

So its the weekend. Tonight there a party im going to, an artist friend of mine is turning 40. Congratulations are due to anyone who reaches this particular milestone. Now he is officially old enough to study kabballah.

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