Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Oh Lordy. Atman = Brahman and a there is a thousand-billion suns. We labour onward. Not a peep. Nothing stirred, not even a mouse. House-o-cards and a den of robbers. Nope, haven't been updating the blog as much of late, been taking a 'break'. You can call it what you want. Its 2012 and the Crude machine is seemingly sleeping,only one album in 2011 ------Crude Australian volume One. I intend to regroup the Aesthetics with new skinhead drummer and military tactician Lynton, sinologist and optics specialist Edelle Sneevest on base, and myself Mart "Marillion" Middleton-Knight-Rook-Bishop-Windsor-Fitzpatrick on Telestar Mona. Most likely will perform at parties first before infiltration to the Melbournes serb mafia controlled entertainment venue cods-wollop.
bada bing bada bang sup sup sup suppin gin and juice

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